Wednesday, February 15, 2012

theprojectawesome series: Plants VS. Zombies Makeup Series "Peashooter"

I remember when everyone went gaga over Plants VS. Zombies before Angry Birds came into picture. I can honestly say that I was, or am one of those people who got hooked in playing Plants VS. Zombies. You can't imagine the rush you feel when a zombie is only 5 steps away from your plants! Hahaha! And I also love taking care of my Zen Garden!

So, anyway, I don't know why I just thought about doing a makeup series inspired by Plants VS. Zombies last week. Oh, well... here you go!

I began with the plant Peashooter which I think is the most common plant in PVZ. Well, this look is not only inspired by the peashooter because repeater, threepeater, split pea or even gatling pea are just basically the same with the peashooter. Just a disclaimer, I don't intend to look exactly like the plants from PVZ because that would be just hardcore crazy but I am just going to use the colors of the plants. And also, I will not use ALL of the plants from PVZ because it might take me three months before I finish this makeup series because there's a whole bunch of them!

Anyway, here's the video tutorial of my Peashooter inspired look. It's just a really simple creative makeup look.


San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation #03
San San Concealer in Olive
Wet N' Wild Natural Blend in Buff
Dollfaca Cosmetics Vanity Palette

Nichido Extra Waterproof Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in Eyebrowns
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Acid Green
Dollface Cosmetics Vanity Palette
Shawill 12 Color Cream Eyeshadow Palette
Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
Fashion 21 Liquid Liner in black
Drugstore false lashes
Maybelline theHyperCurl Volum' Express

NYX Round Lipstick in Circe and Fig

That's it y'all! I hope you liked it! Please stay tuned for my next videos. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission my dear dudettes! :)

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