Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

A few days ago, my former co-teacher who is also a makeup lover asked me for an advice on cleaning makeup brushes so I thought of filming a demonstration of how I clean my makeup brushes.

I just want to say that we all have different ways on cleaning and drying our makeup brushes so don't kill me or harass me if it's anything less like how you do it or how Michelle Phan does it or how Kandee Johnson does it or how Say Artillero does it. But of course, suggestion and comments will be highly appreciated. :)

Here's the video, by the way. Watch me as I clean my makeup brushes:

What I use to clean my brushes is a hand soap from Bench. It's called /Bench Alcogel Liquid Hand Soap in Mint. I got it for about PhP 189.00 at Savemore. I love using it because it's mild, it's anti-bacterial and it's mint! I love minty scents!!! I mix it with water so that it will not be too concentrated. For foundation brushes, powder brushes, and for other brushes used on cream and liquid cosmetics like lip brushes, I use a makeup remover to pre-wash my brushes because they are usually too difficult to wash. The makeup remover will help remove the excess makeup from the brushes.

I also like pre-rinsing my brushes. What do I mean by pre-rinsing? Well, once I have washed a brush with my soap mixture, I run it through the water or soak it before I move on to the next brushes. I don't want the soap to sit on the bristles for too long because that might cause damages on the brush hair. Then after washing them and pre-rinsing them, I rinse them again to make sure that they are all soap-free. Once bubbles are not forming anymore when you stroke the brushes back and forth on your palms, that means that they're good to go! :)

So, how do I dry them? As what you have seen on the video (if you watched it), I lay out a towel on a table or any flat surface and use anything to help elevate my brushes. Place the brushes in an inverted position so that the excess water will flow out from the bristles and not through the ferrules. The towel will absorb the excess water flowing from the bristles and it will help dry the brushes quickly. Refer to the photo below.

You might think that the bristles will bend in that position but what I do is, I check on them every once in a while and change their positions. And besides, you can restore their original forms if ever they get deformed. That's it! Just leave the brushes overnight to have them completely dried. :)

So, how do you clean your own makeup brushes?

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