Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nails of the Week: Purple Sprinkles

Hi-ho everyone!

I just wanted to share my nails of the week and it's insane because my nails look so awesome when I only used two very cheap and affordable nail polishes. I call this the Purple Sprinkles because of the purple glitter nail polish I used. :)

What I used:

1. San San Nail Polish in Red Gleam
2. Jocarste No.8100
3. Nail Polish Remover (for cleaning the edges)
4. Cotton Buds/Cotton

Get the nail look:

1. Apply 1 layer of the San San Nail Polish in Red Gleam. Let it dry.

2. Apply 1 layer of Jocarste no. 8100. Let it dry then apply another coat. It depends on you how many coats of the glitter polish you want to have. If you want to make it look really opaque you can apply 3 coats. I applied two coats because I want the glitters to really show up but I did not apply some more because I still want the Red Gleam to peek through.

3. Clean any boo-boos you made using the nail polish remover and cotton buds.

I did not apply a top coat anymore because the more layer you apply, the thicker it gets. The thicker it gets, the longer it takes to dry. And besides, the glitter nail polish is basically a clear nail polish mixed with glitters. :)

How do you like my nails?

Stay awesome my dear dudettes and accomplish your missions! :)

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