Friday, April 13, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Kojie San Cleanser + Toner Dual Action

Hi everyone!

So, I have been using this Kojie San Cleanser+Toner Dual Action for more than two months now and I think that's already an appropriate amount of time to share my thoughts on this toner.

PRODUCT NAME:  Kojie San Cleanser+Toner Dual Action
PRICE:  P79.00
SPOTTED:  Robinson's Supermarket

What the product claims:

Kojie San Cleanser + Toner is a light solution derived from a blend of natural ingredients that cleanses, moisturizes and revives tired skin. This 2 in 1 formula helps get rid of skin's excess oil, prevents wrinkles, reduces blemishes and helps repair damaged skin. Its potent formulation leaves skin with a soft and smooth feel.


Kojie San Cleanser + Toner dual action is like the Eskinol Facial Cleanser pimple fighting because they are both a 2 in 1 formula. A cleanser and a toner in 1. The difference is that, Eskinol Facial Cleanser is stronger than Kojie San Cleanser + Toner.

Kojie San Cleanser + Toner dual action is very light on the skin. It's as if you have applied water on your skin. There's no tingling effect nor a tightening effect on the skin. You can feel though that your skin feels moisturized and refreshed after using it. Yes, it's true what Kojie San claims, it moisturizes your skin (but I still apply my moisturizer just to be safe ^_^). I don't know if it's just me but I feel a cooling sensation everytime I use this cleanser+toner.

- I love that it's 2 in 1. It cleanses and it tones your skin.
- Light on the skin
- Moisturizing
- Refreshing
- Doesn't break me out
- Has a cooling sensation (it's a plus factor for me!)

- The scent might be a problem for some
(though it smells nice)
- It's affordable but not a fan of its price
(It's P79.00 for 100ml. Eskinol Facial Cleanser Pimple Fighting costs P86.00 for 225ml and it works better than Kojie San.)

Overall, I think Kojie San Cleanser + Toner Dual Action is great. I use it as my daytime toner because like what I have said before, I don't like using toners with strong formulation because I think that it's not good when you apply it on your skin then be exposed to the Sun.

So, that's it. If you want to try out the Kojie San Cleanser + Toner, you can get them at Watsons and any Supermarkets. Will I recommend? Sure! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)


  1. I use this toner as well and i say its super effective on my combination skin.

  2. it has a pimple scar lightening. really amazed.

    1. Yes, this is a good toner, I must say. But not my favorite. :/

  3. When do you apply it? Before washing your face or after? Thx :)

  4. I bought this product last night , I hope it can help my problem about dark circles under my eyes ( It contains Rose Hip Oil ) so hopefully it works :D

  5. Nice review! Thanks

  6. is it natural if some of my pores become more vsible?