Friday, June 22, 2012

Marionnaud Travel Spray

Hi everyone!

Last Tuesday, I found out a product which I guess may be considered as a dupe for the Travalo Refillable Travel Spray Perfume. I was at Watsons SM North Edsa and I saw this Travel Spray by Marionnaud. The usage and the whole look of Marionnaud's Travel Spray is far different from Travalo's but the idea or the concept is quite the same, methinks. Although, I read from Makeup Stash that they found a perfume spray created by Marionnaud similar to Travalo Travel Spray. You can check out Makeup Stash's blog post about that here.

If you are a beauty junkie and watch YT tutorials, read blog posts a lot and love beauty bloggers like I do, then you're probably familiar with Travalo and how is it used and all. Travalo is an easy to use travel-sized atomizer and so is Marionnaud's Travel Spray but it actually requires a bit more work and energy. But what I like about Marionnaud's Travel Spray is that it's way cheaper and it has an easier access. I got it for only PhP 119.00 and Marionnaud is available at any Watsons outlets.

When you purchase a bag of Marionnaud's Travel Spray, you'll get these items. The plastic transparent bag contains the Travel Spray and a very small, handy funnel used for refilling.

The Travel Spray is a glass container encased in a brushed aluminum tubing. The cap is sturdy and tight so it prevents any leakage of the perfume/cologne while it's in your bag or purse.

You'll find the logo of Marionnaud on top of the cap.

To refill the atomizer, take it out from its case and of course, remove the cap or the spray.

Next place, the funnel in the container. 

Then of course, get your favorite perfume or any perfume that you want to use.

The funnel will help you refill the bottle without any wastage of the perfume. It will prevent any leakage while you pour the perfume in the bottle since the funnel is filtering it.

And voila! Put the cap back on and put the bottle back to its protective case and you're all set!

Now, I can place my travel spray in my kit along with my beauty products! No need to bring your big, heavy perfume bottle so you'll definitely have more space in your bag. :) I haven't tried the Travalo travel spray yet but I think this one's will be enough. You'll definitely save more money.

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

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