Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Happens When Class Ends Early (06192012)

Today at school I endured a 4-hour lecture in my subject Zoology. It was supposed to be a 4-and-a-half-hour subject but since it was our first meeting and we don't have the syllabus yet, the professor discussed about our future projects and why studying Zoology is significant in BS Psychology. Yes, I am currently majoring in Psychology. At first it was okay. I actually admire the professor because even though we don't have a topic to discuss formally yet, she found ways to have a sensible topic to talk about within that 4-hour lecture. Unlike other instructors who just introduce themselves, talk about the computation of grades, give a homework that is usually the history of the certain subject and then just discuss the class super early. I know for other students that's a good thing but come to think of it, it's actually just a waste of time, energy and money for fare.

Anyway, by the middle of the discussion, the whole thing suddenly got so boring and it seemed like our Professor was just talking with the students seated in front of the class. My other classmates were already begging our professor to dismiss us early and just start everything formally on our next meeting. Finally, they convinced her and she dismissed us 30 minutes early. We all went our separate ways. That was my only subject for today so that means I can go home already but I decided to hang out first because I don't want to go home yet since I don't have anything to do in our house anyway. I was supposed to go to the Super 8 which is a big grocery mart but I decided to just visit SM North Edsa because I wanted to watch Rock of Ages!

When I arrived at SMNE, I checked the movie schedules and found out that the first viewing of Rock of Ages is 1:30PM and it was only 11:30AM that time. I decided to just ditch the cinema. I went straight to Pizza Hut because it's almost lunch time and I'm super hungry already and I'm craving for their Pesto Chicken Penne. That's my favorite food to order at Pizza Hut! :)

When I got there, only 4 customers were dining in. I guess they were the first customers because the restaurants and fast foods had just opened. I was really glad because the waiters were very attentive and very friendly. The service was really quick and good, too. I ordered my favorite, Pesto Chicken Penne, Pumpkin Soup with pie crust on top and a bottomless iced tea! :)

While waiting, my assigned waiter gave me free bread sticks along with my 1st glass of iced tea. :)

I did not enjoy the bread sticks though because they were kind of stale. Ugh! Not too long after, my pumpkin soup and pasta were already served! Yay!

My pumpkin soup looks like a mushroom with the pie crust on top! Haha! :D

I poked it and created a hole! Now it looks like a big cream puff! :D

I'm telling ya, this pumpkin soup tastes soooooo delicious! Now I'm craving for it, deym! :)

Tadah! Here is my favorite pasta! The Pesto Chicken Penne! I think it's only available at Pizza Hut BISTRO. This tastes delish! You should try it! It's only PhP 179.00

I finished the soup in just like 5 minutes or less. Hihi! ;-)

I had like 4-5 glasses of iced tea so you could just imagine what my bladder was telling me! Hahaha!

That meal really made my stomach oh so full so I stayed at Pizza Hut Bistro for a while to let my tummy rest. Hahaha! :)

After that, I went to The Skin Food and checked out their Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream and BB creams. It still bothers me how pricey their products are. What? For me it's a bit pricey! I'm not wealthy. okay!. ;-)
From there, I went straight to the Department Store at 2nd floor down to Watsons at 1st floor. Of course I checked out different cosmetics to see if there are any new interesting products. I did see a few from ELF but the product that really caught my attention was Maybelline's BB Stick. I think it's not new because I read somewhere that a certain someone was asking for a review of the Maybelline BB stick. Anyway, it's the first time that I saw it so I quickly checked it out and found out that it has salicylic acid and it's recommended for oily to combination skin. That's actually my skin type so I immediately grab one for myself to try out the product.

I got the shade Radiance because it suits my skin color better. There are only two shades available, Fresh and Radiance which is the darker one. Fresh is for fair skin and Radiance is for medium skin so that's what I got. Fresh is just too light for me. I got it for only 249.00!!! Yay! Please wait for my thorough review about the product. I have high expectations for this BB stick!

So, going back to my day today (hehe), I ended up buying three items then I finally took a cab home. :)

These are the things that I bought:

Marionnaud Travel Spray (Please wait for my review about this awesome travel atomizer),
Watsons Moisturizing Foot Lotion in peppermint (which is really relaxing! I tried it on tonight), and
my Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick in Radiance. ^_^

Ooh! Here's my FOTD! I took this photo when I arrived at home. Yep! Pink Alarm for school! :) Just a simple eye liner paired with bold-colored puckers! Mwuaaaah! :)

If you're wondering what I did when I got home, well... I did the laundry! Haha! And yes! I did it while my makeup is still intact. Well, I'm pretending to be a 50's housewife. Hee! ;-)

And that's what happened today! Now I have to write my homework in Elementary Statistics. So, paano? Talk soon! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)


  1. oh no. i forgot to buy the marionnaud travel spray.

    it was supposed to be on my to-buy list after seeing it here on your blog. sigh. oh well, next time.

    btw, i have the maybelline bb stick too! can't wait for your take on it.:) i found that it's the only bb didn't break me out and i love it's (initial) dewiness.

    unfortuntely, it makes my skin oily after 2-3 hours. how about you?

    btw, love your blog and youtube videos (but i already mentioned that in my previous comment) ;)

  2. Hi Mej! It's great to know that you're read my marionnaud travel spray post. Thank you! :)

    The Maybelline BB Stick sucks for me. You're right, it will make the skin oily after 2 hours. It's funny though because it is supposed to be for people with oily to combination skin yet it gives a dewy finish and it makes my skin really oily. I like their BB cream (the one in the tube) better.

    And THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG POSTS AND WATCHING MY VIDEOS IN YOUTUBE! It means a lot to me knowing there's someone out there who watches my videos and reads my blog posts. Thank you, dear! :)