Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Makeup for the Loyola Sister and their Mom

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I last blogged about my makeup gigs. This month, I had three makeup gigs all with the same clients! Karen and Dianne contacted me and asked me to be their official makeup artist for their double wedding! They are sisters by the way. If you're following me on Facebook, then you've probably seen the photos that I posted during their Pre-nup shoot. Their wedding happened last October 17, 2012 but there are no photos yet. I did not have the time to take their individual photos during their wedding day because we were in a hurry since we have to transfer to another location. I'll just wait for their official photos then share it with you guys.

For now, what I'll be sharing with you are the photos during their cousin's wedding. Their cousin got married as well last October 9, 2012. Dianne's one of the bridesmaids and their Mom's one of the primary sponsors. It was a pretty grand wedding so Karen and their eldest sister, Ivy, decided to get glammed-up as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't have individual photos from my camera of Karen and Ivy. I only took Dianne and Mommy Violy's photos. The photos here with Ivy and Karen were grabbed from their cousin, Krishia. :)

The wedding of their cousin would start at 3pm and I began to do their makeup at 9:30am. I did Mommy Violy's hair and makeup first.

I would say that the best and hardest part in doing Mommy Violy's makeup was the eyebrows! Haha! But I was happy with the result, and so she was. :) I used neutral colors for her eye makeup and a vintage-y hair style.

Next makeup that I did was Dianne's. She was in a hurry because she didn't have any idea that she still had to go to the venue before the wedding ceremony for a photoshoot with the groom and bride and other entourage. But of course, I managed to still make her look oh-so-beautiful even though there's time pressure!

The motif of the wedding was black and silver so I added a touch of silver on her makeup. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple as a base then I used silver and navy eye shadows on top. :) It looked so much better in person!

For the hair, she requested for a sleek, pulled-back hairdo. I curled her hair and rolled sections to create a beautiful flower updo. The groom and bride requested for the bridesmaids to have an updo because of the hair accessory they have to wear which was a chic black feather.

We were really in a hurry that's why the curls didn't look too neat. :-(

Next, I did Karen's makeup. Her gown was red so I decided to do an ala Jennifer Lopez makeup on her. :) She looked sooooooo glamorous! I just curled her hair and pinned one side.

The last makeup that I did was Ivy's but we just went for a very simple look and we were, again, in a hurry because she came late. I didn't do her hair because she just got a perm which her sisters and Mother did not like at all! Hahaha! :D

PRETTY LADIES! I'll share with you next Karen and Dianne's prenup photos and their wedding photos!
I hope you liked their looks in this wedding! :)

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Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)