Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pros for PROPS 10: Makeup Workshop with Clarence Paul

Hi everyone!

Last November 10, 2012, a makeup workshop exclusive for a number of beauty bloggers was held at HG Studio in Timog Avenue, QC. It was the 10th makeup workshop by PROPS Tools and Cosmetics. They call their makeup workshops Pros for PROPS. A week before the workshop, Ms. Janine, the sole proprietor of PROPS contacted us to join. It's like a first-come-first-serve thing. So, we immediately registered to get in and luckily, we did! I attended the workshop with my fellow beauty bloggers --- Shebby Liquete, Joyce Sola, Iya Boto, Raych Ramos, Mitchie Kyuti and my sister, Misty.

The makeup workshop was facilitated by a professional makeup artist, Mr. Clarence Paul. He has been in the makeup industry for more than 4 years already and has worked with different high-end brands. He prevailed as a runner-up at the Mega Fashion Crew last year. (Awesome, 'di ba?)

He discussed to us the following:
* Skin Care
* Brow grooming
*Contouring, Highlighting, Blush application
* Color Theory
* Eye Makeup

Besides that, of course he gave us some tricks and tips in doing your makeup and doing makeup to others. It's amazing! I was actually so glad to have attended this workshop because some of the things that I thought I was doing right, turned out that I was doing it in a different way. Clarence Paul taught us some tricks on how to speed up your makeup application. I love it!

Here's Shebby after Clarence groomed her eyebrows.

Here's Raych after Clarence did her eyebrows.

As for me, I already did my eyebrows but he made it look even better! :) He also did my right eyeliner and I tried my best to do it on my right eye and I was so happy that I did it (well, somehow)! ;-) But Clarence liked it!

During our break time, we ate delicious red velvet cupcakes from Cukay's! I love the frosting and the cupcake was so moist --- just the way I like it. Although it's actually too sweet for others.

Watch the video here during the makeup workshop:

I came there with my sister and here's our final makeup looks. Clarence asked us to do a makeup using the colors that match from the color theory. I used green and pink and my sister used gold and plum.


I was sittting across Shebby. :)

*photo credits to Shebby Liquete

Clarence demonstrating the proper way of contouring and highlighting.

*photo credits to Shebby Liquete

*photo credits to Joyce Sola

By the way, my throat was super hoarse that day and I literally lost my voice so it was very hard for me to communicate with them. I was just whispering! LOL!

*photo credits to Mitchie David

*photo credits to Mitchie David

*photo credits to Mitchie David

My sister, Misty with Mitchie!

*photo credits to Mitchie David

With Mitchiekyuti! ;-)

*photo credits to Joyce Sola

With fellow PROPS ambassadress, Joyce! :)

With the pretty Shebby! :)

*photo credits to Shebby Liquete

With Janine, the sole proprietor of PROPS. :)

Ate Misty with Clarence Paul. :)

Me with Clarence Paul! 

*photo credits to Shebby Liquete

Iya, Mitchie, Joyce and Raych

Clarence Paul giving us his calling cards. :) Simple yet sophisticated!

*photo credits to Shebby Liquete


Here are our photos taken by HG Studio:

I love all the photos! I had so much fun in this makeup workshop! I learned a lot and not to mention I met awesome people --- that's the best part! Thank you so much to my fellow beauty bloggers, Janine, and of course Clarence Paul! It was a pleasure meeting you.

If you want to attend Pros For PROPS makeup workshops, please visit or visit La Bellesa or PROPS Tools and Cosmetics on Facebook.

Visit Clarence Paul's website:

Hope there would be a next time!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Aww! you all look beautiful! Shebby looks like marian rivera ;)
    My first palette is from Props. I should have attended.

    1. Thank you, Keeza! Yes, Shebby is really pretty. :)