Thursday, November 22, 2012

School Haul!

Hi everyone!

It's been almost three weeks already since classes of this semester had started. I needed to buy some new school stuff like a pair of black shoes, pens, and notebooks. Last night, after we left the Lady Gaga Fame black perfume launch, we went straight to Trinoma and I stopped by National Bookstore to buy what I needed. The bag and the shoes though were bought by my Mom and Dad/

Let's start with what I bought at Trinoma.

1. Cattleya Writing Pads - PhP 47.74 / 3 pieces

We all know that a notebook is not really that important in college. You can actually write anywhere and your professors won't mind BUT some requires you to have an exclusive one for their subject. I bought these writing pads because my P.E. instructor requires all of her students to have a separate notebook for her subject. I'll use the other two for my other subjects. These writing pads are available in other pretty neon colors such as yellow and pink. The reason why I bough these was because they are easy to carry and the metallic patterns totally got me. :)

2. Mon Ami Pens (black and red)

3. Best Buys Stick-On Pads - PhP 22.00

I'll be posting reminders on the door of my closet from now on!

4. Foska Staple Set - PhP 49.00

You need a stapler throughout your school life ---  TRUST ME! This Stapler Set by Foska is such a steal. For only PhP 49.00, you'll already get a small stapler and 1000 pieces of staples!

5. Max! Easy Tear clear tape

6. Mini365 Days Diary by Swell Stuff - PhP 60.00

This will serve as my mini planner!

7. Parisian Plus Black Flats (Jadda) - PhP 699.75

This pair of shoes is so comfortable! I can just walk all day, anywhere ---- JUST KIDDING! But it really is comfortable! :)

8. Black Tote from SM Departmen Store - PhP 399.00

This bag can carry all of the things that I need to bring at school! It looks chic, it's spacious, and it's affordable! I love the animal leather style. It looks sophisticated and classic. :) The only thing that I don't like about this is that it doesn't have a zipper. It only has a button but it's no biggie. I just put all of my things in an organizer and then I placed the organizer inside my bag and voila! My things are secured for sure! :)

That's it! Time to do my effin' homeworks! LOL!

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. cute stuff!i missgoingto school T.T

  2. i love the bag, I usually carry tote as it can pretty much fit in all the things I needed =)

  3. Tote bags are the best for school! Books in any length can fit into it!


    1. Haha! Yes! Not to mention piles of handouts! ;-)

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