Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mini Watsons Haul (In2It, Fashion 21, ELF, Fanny Serrano, Shawill)

Hi everyone!

After our last 2012 school activity yesterday, my friends and I went to SM North Edsa to have lunch. After we ate lunch, I decided to visit Watsons first before heading home. I bought a few stuff which are all drugstore products. Everything that I bought are featured in the video above. Here are the things that I bought:

1. In2It Fine Tip Waterproof Eyebrow Liner with Free Waterproof Eyebrow Mascara P429.75

Honestly, I think that the free item here is the eyebrow pencil! What do you think? Because a few weeks ago when me and my sister visited In2It at Watsons, the eyebrow mascara was being sold separately for P400+. Now, they are having this promo where you can purchase their eyebrow pencil with a free eyebrow mascara for P429.75? Hmmm... Anyway, that day when me and my sister first found out about the eyebrow mascara from In2It, we tested it but the shade that we tried was Gold which is the lightest shade and it literally looks gold in person. So the shade that I bought yesterday is Copper which is darker than Gold. They only have two shades, Gold and Copper, as well as for the eyebrow pencils. They have Acorn which is the lightest shade and then there's Chestnut, the one that I bought yesterday. You can't personally choose the shade of your eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara. I mean, you cannot personalize your purchase. The Chestnut pencil and the Copper brow mascara goes together and the Gold brow mascara goes with the Acorn brow pencil. I'm totally going to do a review about these products so watch out for that. :)

2. ELF Eyelid Primer P129.75
3. ELF Bronzing Brush P129.75

4. Fashion 21 Single Eye Shadow No. 20 - P65.00

A pigmented dark brown eye shadow and I love it! :)

5. Shawill Pretty Color Shine Glitter liquid liner No. 06 - P98.00

The color is just so eye-catching! Very pretty! :) This would look better when you have a darker base.

6. Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler Refill - P45.00/x3

My eyelash curler pad needs a changing! Hahaha! :)

That's it! If you want me to do a separate review on any of these products, please let me know by leaving comments below. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. I wanna know abut the eyebrow mascara. I'm obsessed with them lately! I just bought a James Cooper one which I'm loving. :D


    1. I am actually planning to purchase the James Cooper, too to compare the two. :) So far, I'm loving the In2It eyebrow mascara. Review real soon! :)

  2. im curious with other in2it products :) i was hesitant to buy becase its slightly expensive for me :)
    review review review :)

    1. I find In2It products slightly expensive too, well, for me. :) Watch out for the review real soon! :)

  3. hi! borrowed an image from you for my twitpic, =)

  4. hello, may I know if the fashion21 single eyeshadow is matte? thanks. :)

    1. Yes but they also have satins/shimmery :)