Sunday, December 23, 2012

Krave Minerale Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator Review

Hi everyone!

I've put the famous Krave Minerale Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator into test to see if it really works. Michelle of CaramelSundaeOnline and Micmic's Corner sent me this over a month ago and I apologize to her for being late for the review. I just really wanted to test if it's any good or what. To tell you guys honestly, I don't like it. I don't hate it but I don't like it as well.

This Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator by Krave is like a 2-in-1 product. It acts as a primer and a finishing veil. Meaning, you can apply this before you apply your makeup and then after you're done doing your makeup, you can apply this powder as well to set your makeup. 

This powder that I received from Michelle is already in its new packaging. Before, the powder was in a yellow plastic container which some people said was very difficult and inconvenient to use. Krave changed its packaging and based on the photos, I like the new packaging better. It has more oomph than the previous one and it doesn't look cheap unlike the yellow plastic container. Although the new packaging is much better, I still think that it's difficult to use this product because it's small and it's a bit messy so you have to be really careful in using it because you might loose a lot of powder. The powder puff that comes with it is not helpful at all! It doesn't work well.

The powder  is finely milled so it is easy to blend. Take a look at the photos below. In the first photo, you'll see how the powder exactly looks like. In the second photo, I blended it a little on my skin and in the third photo, the powder was already blended well.

On the third photo, you can still see a white cast on the back of my hand. In fact, at first I was skeptic to use it because I was worried that it might make my face look too white or it might leave a white cast on my face when I use it. It's a good thing that it did not. When I used it, the powder blended well onto my skin and you can't see any white cast or white spots at all. That's a good thing about this powder.

Okay, so here's the biggest issue about this powder. How was it? Did it work on me? Let me show you some photos.

In this before-and-after photos below, I only concealed my imperfections and I didn't use foundation. I did not use any other powder to set my concealer. I just used the Krave Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator. When I applied it on my face, I was happy with the result because it did a good job in setting my concealer and mattifying my skin. Then after 3 hours, my face got so oily already. I was disappointed but I thought, maybe it would work when I used another setting powder instead of using just the oil eliminator and skin hydrator.

I tested the powder once more in a different way. Take a look at the before-and-after photo below. This time, I used the powder both as a primer and a finishing veil. I was hoping that it would help control the oiliness of my face. Sadly, nothing's changed. Normally, when I apply foundation then set it with my powder, my face would become oily already on the T-zone area after 2-3 hours. I thought that the oil eliminator and skin hydrator would help a little but the result is just the same --- with or without the oil eliminator and skin hydrator.

I got to say though that I love how my face looks like after applying this Krave powder. Too bad it doesn't last long and it doesn't work on me. That's why I said I don't hate it but I don't like it as well. I don't like it because it doesn't work on me as a primer and an oil eliminator powder but I don't hate it because works as a finishing veil on me. I've read a lot of reviews about this product already. Some said they love it, some said they hate it, while some are just like me. They don't love it but they don't hate it either. 

I will still use this though. I'm still hoping it will work on me! Hahaha! Anyway, we all have different skin types so we have different reactions to certain products so if you are interested to try this powder and check if it will work on you, visit CaramelSundaeOnline on Facebook. Michelle is a distributor of Krave Minerale products. The oil eliminator and skin hydrator may not be the best powder but I heard their skin care products are awesome. :)

Have you tried this powder already? How was it for you? Share naman! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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