Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: 4U2 Envy Eternity 4-Color Blush in California

Hi everyone!

So, in my previous posts, I have already reviewed two of 4U2 Cosmetics' new technology products from their Envy line. The first one is the Halo Concealer and Highlighter and then the Eternity 3-Color Eye Shadow (please click the links to read the reviews). Now, let me share with you the new Eternity 4-Color Blush, also from the Envy line.

This 4-color blush by 4U2 also comes in the same packaging as their 3-color eye shadows. Same size, same accents, same packaging. If you haven't seen my post about it yet, please click here. And since this blush has the same packaging as the 3-color eye shadows, I'm also having the same problem. The palette is flimsy like it could easily break and the clear window on the palette's cover is loose. It's detaching from the palette but the good thing is you can snap it back.

When I featured the 4U2 Dream Girl Reflections Eye Shadow Quattro in one of my previous videos, I've mentioned there that the expiration date and the shade number/name is not written on the palette or the product itself, instead, it's written on its plastic or box which you will usually throw out once you opened the product so the problem is, you'll have to be good in memorizing the shade number and remember the expiration date. That's why I loved the fact that they did indicate the shade numbers/names and expiration dates on their newly released products (since they started changing the look of their whole Dream Girl line). So now, the shades and the expiration dates are not only written on its box or plastic packing but its also indicated on the product itself. Much more convenient for the consumers!

The shade that I got is 02 California which consists 3 different corally shades and a brick color.

This blush is baked, by the way. The colors are pigmented but a little powdery for me. See, that's the thing about the 4U2 powders, blushes, and eye shadows --- they are a little chalky or powdery but they're pigmented and they stay on for long hours like this blush here.

See? The colors are pigmented. If you look at it, it looks semi-matte but it really has a satin finish. Sometimes, I swirl my brush on all the colors and use them together, sometimes, I do layering. I use the lightest shade as a highlighter at times.

I road tested this product many times to see how long will the color stay on my face. I took photos, of course, for evidences.

This is a side-by-side photo of me for comparison. The left photo was taken shortly after the blush application while the right photo was taken 3 hours after application. As you can, see my face got a little oily but the color was still there. Actually, the color will appear more vibrant an hour after the blush application because it will already set on your skin.

This photo was taken 5 hours after the blush application.

This photo was taken 7 hours after application. So, now you can already see me very oily face but the color is still there! Awesome, 'di ba? It's like I just applied the color. The color still looks vibrant, in fact, more vibrant. At first application kasi, it may look flat. That's why you'll really see the beauty of a makeup look after an hour or so. Basta once it sets on your face already.

So, overall I think this blush is great! I love how the colors give me a beautiful color and glow and the staying power is pretty powerful... hehe. The good thing is you can have 4 different colors in just one palette. Oh, and by the way, it is a small palette. It could fit my palm, so you can bring this with you anywhere for touch ups! However, for me who is more of a saver than a spender, it is a little pricey for its size for P394 (roughly 400). Dontcha think? ;-)

Anyway, I still like it! And I want to try out the other shades, too. Here's a photo of all the shades that 4U2 Cosmetics Philippines posted on their Facebook Timeline.
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If you want to purchase your own 4U2 Envy Eternity 4-Color Blush, visit SM Department Stores and Watsons. It's available nationwide! Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)