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The Launch of Lady Gaga Fame Black Eau de Parfum in The Philippines!

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Hi everyone!

So, this post is a little late because the event actually happened last November 21, 2012 at SM Makati. I was invited by Mr. Christian Arranz, administrator of Lady Gaga Philippines.

Lady Gaga Fame is the first ever black perfume and it is actually created by Lady Gaga herself --- the biggest pop star on the planet according to Guinness! One interesting thing about this perfume is that it contains Belladona, which is actually poisonous when you use too much! Lady Gaga took the risk and added a very little amount of Belladona to this awesome perfume to make it extra special. This perfume uses a push-pull technology rather than a pyramidal structure so it is really a unique one!

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I brought my sister and my niece with me at the event. We took the MRT to reach SM Makati. Here's a subway photo for you, guys!

For my makeup, I did a black smokey eyes paired with a nude peach lip color. My sister did a purple smokey eyes. :)

When we got there, I immediately looked for Christian but I couldn't find him because there are a lot of people! There was a mini crowd in front like they were checking out something then I saw Ms. Chynna Ortaleza! That's why they were all gathering in front! They wanted to have their pictures taken with Ms. Chynna. If you don't know, Chynna Ortaleza is a celebrity here in the Philippines and she's one of the most convincing antagonist so that means she is a really good actress!

Of course, we also wanted to have a photo with her but it was just too crowded so we just waited and registered first at the registration counter.

The occasion required an avant garde black attire but I did not know that there would be a best-dressed contest. Had I known about that contest then I should have prepared for it! Hahaha! Just kidding! But the contestants are soooooooooo amazing! It's like Lady Gaga was there, too! Check out some of the little monsters who really did a good job in creating their costumes for the Lady Gaga Fame event!

Lady Gagita! Grabe sobrang galing n'yang sumayaw!

Aren't they look fabulous?!?

So, after walking around for a little while, I finally saw Christian!

We soooooo loved his outfit especially his jacket so we asked him to pose for us for a photo op! The jacket is so Gaga! He's actually one of the contestants for the best-dressed but he's not allowed to win! Hahaha! He's just like a motivational contender! ;-)

Check out the badass sound system!!!

Love it!!!

Me and my sister, Misty while waiting for Ms. Chynna to be available for a photo. Haha!

Finally! We got our chance! Ugh! She's so gorgeous, it's killing me! Hahaha! And she's approachable, too. Not snobbish at all! She can't say no to everyone who wanted to take a photo with her. :)

After a few minutes, the program had already started. I forgot to take photos of the other speakers, I'm really sorry. :-(

Here's the product manager of Lady Gaga Fame here in the Philippines telling us about the said perfume.

Then she introduced us to the video of the Fame perfume where you're going to see how it was made. It's like a trailer of the perfume. Then all of a sudden, two hunky models came out of nowhere and created a scene! The crowd went gaga! Hahaha! They sprayed the perfume onto themselves then walked through the crowd and had the people try the black perfume.

After the Lady Gaga Fame Black Eau de Parfum was officially launched, the best-dressed contest had finally begun! The contestant finally had their chance to show-off their amazing costumes and if I'm not mistaken, their costumes are personally made by themselves (well, some, I guess) including their accessories!!! The contestants did a mini fashion show, modelling their Lady Gaga-ish outfits! These little monsters are really inspiring because they are not afraid to express themselves. Not everybody can go out and look like this, y'know!

It's a shame that we didn't find out who won because after the mini fashion show, we already left. But for me, Lady Gagita is the winner! She's really awesome! She can really mimic Lady Gaga's dance moves and facial expressions!

Anyway, I had fun! I was amazed by all the little monsters with their outstanding outfits and accessories! I salute you guys for not holding back and not fearing to show who and what you all are --- just like the awesome Lady Gaga! Special thanks to Mr. Christian Arranz for inviting me to the launch of Lady Gaga Fame black perfume. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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