Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: ORYSPA Rice Bran Rejuvenating Oil with Jojoba and Green Tea Neroli Oil

Nothing beats the feeling of being pampered and relaxed! I love having full body massage especially when both my body and mind are stressed from a lot of things. The feeling is just heavenly. For me, a body massage will not be completely satisfying if the body/massage oil is not good. I love body oils that can really help relax and pamper me and my skin. I usually go for oils that have minty feel and scent! Minty oil plus a good body massage is equal to CLOUD NINE!

Few months ago, I found an oil that is not minty but almost has the same effect. I found the Oryspa Rice Bran Rejuvenating Oil. It doesn't contain any peppermint nor has a minty scent but it has this cooling effect which at the same time can make you feel warm. It's unexplainable... even its scent! It doesn't have a minty scent but it has the same sensation of a peppermint whenever I smell it. I hope you'll understand. Haha!

All products from Oryspa are made of Rice Bran oil, hence the name Oryspa because the scientific name for rice bran oil is Oryza sativa. Rice bran oil are also used as a natural beauty treatment since it contains over 100 known vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (according to Wikipedia). Oryspa Rice Bran Rejuvenating Oil contains Jojoba Oil and Green Tea Neroli Oil.

Jojoba oil is used as an additive to different cosmetics, hair and skin care products such as lipsticks, shampoos, cleansers, lotion, etc. It is used for skin acne, chapped skin, sunburn and psoriasis. It is also used to help soothe unclog hair follicles so it is a good product to use for the regrowth of the hair.

Green tea is not only good for the health but is also good for your skin. It is an antioxidant as well and it helps in the rejuvenation of old skin cells. Neroli Oil comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree which has an aromatic but soft scent. It is widely used in perfumery. It's nontoxic, nonirritant, and nonsensitizing (according to Wikipedia).

So, all in all, this rejuvenating oil from Oryspa is an amazing product because of its benefits. Not to mention the feeling and sensation that you'll get when you use it and its soft aromatic scent. It says on the bottle that you can put a few drops of the oil in your bath water or apply it to your skin after a bath. I always go for the latter. Right after taking a bath when my skin is still damp, I immediately massage the Oryspa Rejuvenating Oil onto my skin (whole body) because oil is best absorbed when your skin is still damp. Talk about total moisturization! However, I usually use this oil only at night time after freshening up and before going to bed. This can give you that warm feeling and considering the weather here in the Philippines during the day, I think it's not best to use it at day time. BUT at night, it's heaven when you use it! You'll sleep soundly and you'll definitely feel relaxed and rejuvenated! :-D

You can also use it for reflexology and shiatsu massages. I had the masseuse use the Oryspa Rejuvenating Oil one time when I had a full body massage and everything was just perfect! It is definitely a stress and pain relief oil.

Another good thing about this is it's not greasy when you apply it. No sticky feeling. It's absorbed by the skin but still a little slippery but not sticky/greasy. I sometimes use it as a makeup remover because the owner of the Oryspa at SM North Edsa told me she also uses it as a makeup remover. So, she gave me an idea and I tried to use it as a makeup remover and it did a good job in removing my makeup.

I bought this for around P240 (forgot the exact amount!!!) from the Oryspa stall at SM North Edsa. It's located in front of Kangaroo Jack near the escalator, 2nd floor.

Try it, it's good! :D

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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