Review: Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Vitaming Cream


I've been using the Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Vitamin Cream for two months now and I think that amount of time is already enough to write a review about the said product.

You know how much I love the Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream. It's what I use as moisturizer for both day and night. I've been using that for about 4 months already and I thought of switching to another product for a while since I think my skin is getting immunized to it already. I always do that for my skin care routine. Not just for my moisturizers but as well as for my facial cleansers and toners. Every 3 to 4 months, I switch products then go back to the product that I've loved before. Our skin changes over time so we need to change our skin care regime regularly.

Anyway, after religiously using my favorite Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream for 4 months, I decided to try new moisturizers. On the day when I finally ran out of my Snoe S Skin Sunblock cream, I didn't have the time to visit the mall to purchase new moisturizers. I thought "Darn! I don't have a night cream to use! Nooooo!" It's a good thing that my Father asked us to go to the nearby Mercury Drug to buy midnight snacks! When we got there, they all looked for snacks and I immediately went over to the skin care section. I was looking for a night cream and the Belo Essentials line caught my attention. I still have my toner that time and I was thinking of buying my new day cream the next day at the mall so I just bought a night cream so that I can already moisturize my skin that night. I grabbed the Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Vitamin Cream. I bought the full size jar that contains 50g of the product. The one in the tube that contains 20g of the product wasn't available that time so I had no choice but to buy the full size even though I was just going to try it out for the first time.

So, when we got home, I quickly cleansed and toned my face since it's getting pretty late already. Then I used my newly bought night cream from Belo Essentials and you know what? I loved it!

Price: *to be updated, I forgot the exact amount!*

It comes in a sleek white jar with metallic blue lining on the edge of the lid. The blue color indicates that it is their night cream because the one with the pink lining and pink lettering is the day cream. 

It comes with a blue spatula which is a plus factor because with that, you don't have to dip your fingers directly into the product when you use it. It's very hygienic. However, don't forget to clean the spatula after using it because putting it back in the jar after using without cleaning it will just defeat the purpose.

The jar also has a stopper to avoid the cream from spilling or transferring onto the bottom of the lid so there will be no problem even if you accidentally drop it or when you put it in your bag when you travel. Another plus factor.

Even though I usually don't care about the packaging of a product, this jar is just absolutely awesome for me. It definitely is a super plus factor when you look at the product in general.


The cream is thin, almost like a thin gel. When you look at the product, it's white but when you rub it or spread it, it becomes translucent then later on, it will blend onto your skin leaving NO white cast at all.

Other than its packaging, what I love about this most is the product itself. I just love its texture and consistency. Night creams are usually greasy and some are thick in consistency. The Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Vitamin Cream feels light on the skin and it blends perfectly on the skin. It's not dewy nor greasy, and it has a matte finish without the dry feeling. Even though it dries up matte, you can still feel that your skin is moisturized and supple. After applying it, it's like you have nothing on your face at all. When I massage it on my skin, it feels good because of its gel-like consistency. It feels refreshing as you massage it on your face and as you buff it against your skin, it will be absorbed by the skin eventually and dry up without the sticky/greasy feel.

Notice that my face looks matte in the photo above but definitely doesn't look dry. That was taken after applying the night cream.


The Belo Essentials Night Therapy Whitening Vitamin Cream contains Glutathione, Kojic Acid, and Gigawhite. All of these products can help whiten your skin. The Glutathione is the Mother of all antioxidants and both the Kojic Acid and Gigawhite not only lighten your skin but they help in correcting the discoloration of the skin and lighten the appearance of age spots. So, this product is a good one! It also contains skin vitamins that provides overnight moisture and radiance (as written on its box). The combination of the glutathione, kojic acid, gigawhite and the skin vitamins is called the DermWhite PLUS (by the Belo Medical Group).

Belo Essentials claims that this night cream lightens the skin safely in as little as 7 days with its DermWhite PLUS but it did not work in just 7 days... at least for me. However, my skin lightened since I started using it (after about three weeks of usage) but I just want to make sure that I was also using the other products from the Belo Essentials skin care line since December. As of the moment, the only Belo Essentials I'm using are this night cream and their day cover. The facial cleanser that I'm using is also a whitening product from another brand, as well as my current toner. Anyway, I still think that this night cream helped in lightening my skin even more. Around the second week of November, my skin darkened a little. My skin already lightened many months ago since I started using my Hollywood Style Whitening Face Wash but I stopped using it already and I got exposed a lot under the Sun since I go to school 5 times a week. The Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream helped but still, the Sun darkened my skin a little. Thanks to my current skin care products, my skin color is slowly whitening again like before! :)

Anyway, I will definitely repurchase this night cream. It has a good consistency, good texture, sleek and hygienic packaging, and of course, awesome benefits for your skin! I forgot to mention that it smells really nice, too. Classic Belo Essentials scent. Also, it's affordable and not difficult to find. It's available at all leading department stores nationwide and at your nearby grocery marts and drugstores.

Have you tried this already? If not yet, will you give it a try? :) Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. This product looks interesting. Would love to give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing, Bing! :)

  2. di ba sya nakaka pimple?

    1. Hindi naman po ako nagkapimple dito. But then again we all have different skin types so I can't say if it will work just the same on you ha :)

  3. Kakabili ko lang nito last week. After the third na ginamit ko, my face begun to itch, burns and left me with rashes in the morning. Is it normal, cause i have use a lot of product such olay and i never had any allergic reactions whatsoever.

    1. I didn't experience any of that when I was using these Belo products so I think hiyangan lang po talaga sa products.

    2. ako rin 1year nko nag use nito..pero ngayon makati yong face ko..tapos yong spatula pink yong color eh blue naman yong binili ko..

  4. This is wonderful product I loved it.. I have very very sensitive skin.. My face was filled with pimple marks and almost cleared now within very short time just 15 days I loved it.. try it once you love it

  5. Hi Miss bing! I like your post! pati yung mga pictures ang ganda ng kuha. Ask ko lang kung mabigat sa sa cheeks kapag inapply mona sya tapos natuyo na. Nakita ko kasi sya 1st sa (, last night then iniisip ko kung mag aavail ako ng isa para itry ko muna. Nag hahanap palang ako ng mga reviews e. Thank you sis!

    1. Hi sis! Hindi po sya mabigat sa skin. It's light weight, almost gel-like :)

  6. I tried it. At first it felt good on my skin.My looked hydrated, and glowing and really made my skin look perfect. Pero kinabukasan bigla nalang nangati face ko and may lumabas na rashes sa cheeks ko. I dont know if it was the belo cream or the ponds rosy white gel moisturizer. Two days ko palang kasi ginagamit parehas. So, di ko alam. May be itutuloy ko pafin and see kung mawawala. Kasi hindi naman sensitive skin ko pero nag breakouts padin ako.

  7. I tried it. At first it felt good on my skin.My looked hydrated, and glowing and really made my skin look perfect. Pero kinabukasan bigla nalang nangati face ko and may lumabas na rashes sa cheeks ko. I dont know if it was the belo cream or the ponds rosy white gel moisturizer. Two days ko palang kasi ginagamit parehas. So, di ko alam. May be itutuloy ko pafin and see kung mawawala. Kasi hindi naman sensitive skin ko pero nag breakouts padin ako.

  8. Maybe kelangan tlga natin mag ask sa derma para yung bagay sa skin type natin to avoid yung itchiness.

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