Saturday, February 9, 2013

HBC / San San Cosmetics Haul

Hello everyone!

Last night before I went home from school, I stopped by HBC at Tandang Sora, QC to purchase San San cosmetics and other HBC products that I could use for my next 1-brand makeup tutorial. It's kind of a thing in the YouTube beauty community. The beauty gurus do a makeup tutorial using products from only one brand. No need for explanation, but what the heck! :) If you haven't watched my first 1-brand makeup tutorial wherein I used Ever Bilena / Careline products, here it is:

So, I searched for products that I can use for my HBC/San San makeup tutorial and I noticed something. HBC/ San San cosmetics doesn't carry a wide range of eye shadows. They have eye shadows but the shades are very limited. The only eye shadow palette that they have are the cream eye shadows from their age defying line. Their other eye shadows are from their makeup sets already which I don't really like because usually, the shades doesn't match or the other product from the makeup set (i.e. blush, lip color) is not really that good. Anyway, as I was looking for a prospect eye shadow for my next makeup tutorial, would you believe that what I've found was their eye shadow duo from their Allue line which is created for teens and kids! It comes in different shades but I chose the neutral duo since I was going to do a pin up makeup look. :)

I already have foundations from San San so I didn't bother buying a new one anymore. I was tempted to buy their new BB Cream but I thought it's not really necessary. Plus the shade is too dark for me. Maybe some other time, we'll see!

Here are the products that I purchased:

1. San San Pressed Powder in No. 1 (Refill) 
- It's my first time to try out this powder so I just bought the refill. HBC was on sale so I got this for only P63.00 which originally retails for P70.00!

2. San San Cheek Blusher in Mocha Blush
- San San Cosmetics doesn't carry any contouring or bronzing powder. They don't even have a powder that is dark enough to substitute for a contouring powder. So, I decided to buy their darker blush which I can use to sculpt my cheek bones. :) I got this for only P92.00 but the original price is P102.00.

3. Allue Eyeshadow Duo in Golden Game
- Like what I've said, this is the only eye shadow that looks appealing to me and matched my theme which is Pin Up Makeup Look. This retails for P59.50 but I got it for only P50.00.

4. San San Eyebrow Pencil in No. 3
- I already have the shade No. 2 but I always thought it's a little too reddish so I decided to buy this one which looks more natural on me. Plus, it now comes with a sharpener! Yay for that! This is discounted at only P44.00 but it originally costs P55.00.

5. San San Kohl Eyeliner in Black
- I haven't tried any black eye pencil from San San so this is my first black eye pencil from this brand. It's a dual ended pencil. The other end is a smudger. It retails for P105.00 but I got it for only P84.00!

6. San San Age Defying Liquid Liner 
- I have tried this liquid liner already before and it's pretty good naman so I chose this instead of their pen liquid liner. And the sales lady told me that this is better than the pen liner. It costs P75.00 but I got it for only P60.00.

7. San San Mascara Long Lash
- Like the liquid liner, this is not the first time that I'm trying this mascara. I remembered that the formula is a little wet and thin but when I tried it out last night, it is way better than before. This mascara retails for P125.00 but I paid for only P100.00!

8. San San Creamy Matte Lipstick in Really Red
- The only shade of lipstick that I was looking for last night at HBC was red and it's a good thing that I found this one and they still have a stock! Review soon! :) This lippie retails originally for P125.00 but I got it for only P87.50! Woohoo! :)

9. HBC Essentials False Eyelashes in NE42 and NE40
- As I was about to pay for the products that I hoarded, I saw these eyelashes next to the counter so I quickly checked out the stall. I was thinking of buying more pairs but since I was already in a hurry, I only picked up two pairs. Each costs P20.75 and no, they were not discounted. Hahaha! I used the NE42 for my makeup tutorial.

And that's it! Please never mind the San San Age Defying Trio Eyeshadow in the photo. I didn't know why I included it there. LOL! Stay tuned for my 1-brand makeup tutorial featuring HBC/San San Cosmetics

Here's a sneak peek:

I hope you'll like it and if you do, please stay tuned for the video! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Love the look! And OOOH! It's all HBC! YAY! Great Job! I actually just posed a review on the San San Waterproof Pen Eyeliner and yup! The sales lady in right! I loved the San San Age Defying Eyeliner over the Pen Eyeliner for real.

    Once again, great job! ^_^

    1. The sales lady IS right!*** LOL

    2. Yay for HBC! Haha! :) Really? It's a good thing that I didn't purchase the pen eyeliner!

      Thank you, Bee!!! :)

  2. I already tried the pen and liquid eyeliner and truelalu mas ok ung liquid. Ung pen nila kahit bago palang parang nagdrdry na. Kungbaga sa ballpen putol putol ung sulat hehehe. I love ung makeup set. Naka dalawang bili nako.ok pang school.

    1. Really? Buti na lang talaga hindi ko binili! Haha! Thanks sis! What makeup set? Yung mga nakita ko kasi I'm not a fan of the eyeshadow shades na kasama sa palette. :(

  3. i love one brand tutorial! very convenient!!!

    1. Thank you, Jenny! I love one-brand tutorials, too :)

  4. Love the look! Watched your video earlier. :)

  5. I am a new blog follower as well as your subscriber on youtube. You did soo well.

  6. Its been 255am but i cannot stop reading your posts! :) Hows the liquid eye liner by the way? does it smudge? crease? fade or crack? by the end of the day? Keep those reviews on local products coming sis. Such a big help. :)

    1. Haha! Thank you, Jenn for reading my posts! ^___^ The San San liquid liner works great on me, by the way. The felt tip however is not that good but the formula is good. It doesn't smudge nor crack on me, too.