Monday, February 25, 2013

REVIEW: Cinema Secrets Professional Make-Up Eyebrow/Eyeliner in Blonde

If there's one kind of makeup product that I won't mind spending a little more for, well it's no other than a brow pencil or any other brow products. Grooming and redefining my eyebrows will always be a part of my makeup routine (like contouring, haha) because it just makes a huge difference and it frames the face. There! I said it again! Hahaha!

Searching for an eyebrow product for me is like searching for a skin care product. It's a never ending discovery. We discover new products every now and then and even though we already found that one product that we loved, we still search for other products to compare and to find out if there's something better out there. 

I have quite a lot of eyebrow pencils in my makeup stash because, like what I've said, I want to know if there's something better than what I have already tried. Of course I did start with local and drugstore brands and I kind of purchased a lot of different eyebrow pencils but I don't really mind since local and drugstore branded eyebrow pencils are usually affordable. And I told myself that I would stick to cheap brow products since they perform so well regardless of its affordable price. However, being a makeup artist, it's like a "must" to search and try products both from drugstore brands and high end brands. And like what I've said above, I wouldn't mind spending a little more for my brows!

So much for my introduction, let me share with you my first ever high end eyebrow pencil which is from Cinema Secrets. It's their Professional Makeup Eyebrow/Eyeliner in Blonde. The price is actually not that expensive but for P241.00, it's a little pricey for "practical" people like me. Haha! I prefer the word practical instead of stingy or kuripot. :-D

Product Name: Cinema Secrets Professional Make-Up Eyebrow/Eyeliner
Shade: Blonde
Price: P241.00
Purchased from: SM North Edsa Department Store (Also available at Landmark, Trinoma)

The shade of this pencil is the perfect shade for me when I bought it last September because my hair color was still light colored that time. That's why the sales lady recommended this shade to me. I was actually supposed to buy the darker pencil but when the sales lady swatched this pencil, I fell in love with it. However, my hair color is now fading and my roots are growing out but I personally think it still looks good on me now that my hair is getting darker again.

This eyebrow pencil looks nothing out of the ordinary. It looks like any other brow pencils except that it is way longer than the other ones. It has a clear cap which helps us consumers see the real color of the pencil's lead.

Yes, I've had this for about 5 months now and I apologize for writing a review about it just now. And even though I've had this for months now, the pencil is still long because I don't really use it that often since I use different eyebrow pencils everyday.

The consistency and texture of the CS eyebrow pencil is a little creamy and it has a satin-y finish. When you look at it closely, it almost looks like it is a little metallic but when you apply it onto the brows, it will look matte. However, because of its creamy formulation, this eyebrow pencil tends to smudge. I like that it is not too waxy and harsh-looking unlike other brow pencils but I hate that it smudges. So, you have to be careful not to rub, scratch or even touch your brows when you use it.

The photo on top is a swatch of the eyebrow pencil. See the color? I love it so much! It's the perfect eyebrow shade for me. Not too light, not too dark. Anyway, the photo at the bottom is a picture of the pencil after I smudged it.

This is how the Cinema Secrets Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde looks like on my brows alone. No other eyebrow products were used. (Please excuse the stray hairs and my scars.) >_<

I tried to rub my brows and this is what happened after. I told you, it's not smudge-proof.

Considering its formulation, it is just right to set it with your eyebrow powder or an eyeshadow if you don't own a brow powder. That way, the pencil will be locked in and it will not go anywhere! Plus, it will stay on your brows for a longer time. Though I've tried its staying power already. I used it one time on my brows without using any brow powders to set it or brow mascara because I wanted to see how long will it last on my eyebrows. Happy me, it stayed on the whole day on my brows no matter how hot it was that day. It did not fade nor budge. Of course, I had avoided rubbing and touching my eyebrows.

I had also tried swatching it on the back of my hand and placed my hand under a running water and it didn't fade out at all. So yes, it is waterproof! But because it is not smudge-proof, I make sure to set this eyebrow pencil with my eyebrow powder. What I use is my In2It Eyebrow Powder.

If I want to keep the original color of the CS Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde, what I use to set it is the lightest shade from the In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour because they have the same color. When I want to go for a darker-looking brows, I set it with the middle brown shade or sometimes, even the darkest shade! On other times, I also mix the lightest shade and the middle shade. It depends on my mood! What I also love about this pencil is that, it is actually a good eyebrow base! Like what I've said, it is not waxy and too thick so it doesn't cake at all with or without setting it with a brow powder.

Here's an eyebrow tutorial that I have uploaded in my YouTube channel last October. I used the Cinema Secrets Professional Make-Up Eyebrow Pencil  in Blonde in this video then I set it with my In2It Eyebrow powder.

Here's how my eyebrows look like with the Cinema Secrets Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde set with the lightest shade from the In2It Eyebrow Pencil:

Overall, I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil. Even though it is creamy and tends to smudge, I still love it! I just like how it makes my brows look clean and perfectly groomed. I don't know and I can't even explain it but it just keeps the hairs in place making my brows look neatly groomed.

I won't say that I am recommending this to everyone because I am considering those thrifty persons like me but if you're looking for a light, taupe eyebrow pencil that will look natural and will help make your brows look awesome (hahaha), then I am suggesting that you try out this eyebrow pencil from Cinema Secrets. It's more expensive than our favorite drugstore branded brow pencils but really, this CS brow pencil is not that expensive. It is still affordable, 'di ba?

Let me know if you have tried it out already and share if you love it or hate it. Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. The price is acceptable considering that it's cinema secrets :) Nice eyebrows talaga...

    1. 'Di ba? It's mura na talaga! :D Thank you, sister! :)

  2. Thanks for the vid. I think I’m going to like the eyeliner :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony