Saturday, March 2, 2013

FOTD (030113): Lucky with Love That Red!

Hi everyone! Hello March!!! Seems like New Year's Eve happened just yesterday and now March Madness is here! Of course, I welcomed this month with my red lips! Haha! Just kidding! I wasn't really planning to wear red lipstick today. I actually picked out already the lipstick that I wanted to wear today for school but as I was applying my foundation while browsing through my Facebook account (multitasking), I discovered that Ever Bilena is having a contest! You have to post a photo where you're wearing their famous Love That Red Matte Lipstick. For more details about the contest, read it here

When I saw the ad, I shrieked! Mainly because I love Love That Red by Ever Bilena and another reason is that, A SET OF EVER BILENA MATTE LIPSTICKS IS AT STAKE! I'd love to win that because I am a lipstick junkie and I love EB matte lipsticks. They are affordable yet the quality is amazing!

After I learned about the contest, I got so excited that I put back the first lipstick that I picked today and grabbed my EB Love That Red matte lipstick from my stash even if the contest will end on March 15 pa. Hahaha! It's been a while, too since I last used it so I kind of missed it. Want to see the look? I instagram-ed it already earlier but here it is:

Taken with natural lighting :)

Taken with artificial lighting

I love it! I almost forgot how amazing this lipstick is! I guess my lipstick collection is slowly growing that I already forget about the other ones including this. :/

It's a good thing though that I wore it today! I don't really believe in luck but I just want to think that this lip color gave luck to me today. You know what they say about red, right? That it's a lucky color! And indeed it is! Haha! I had a school report today and it turned out to be a successful one and my Professor rewarded me additional points for our next chapter test! Hooray for that! :) Thanks to God and thanks to the confidence that I half gained from my red lips! Woohoo!

That's not the only lucky thing that happened to me today. After school, the owner of Glory of New York went to our house today to personally deliver the GoNY products that they want me to try out! I had also instagram-ed it already because I was really overwhelmed! Just look at those GoNY products! Isn't it awesome?

I don't even know where to start! Haha! I don't know how to organize them yet. For now, I'll just keep them inside the box and linger on to the moment. LOL! I actually don't feel lucky anymore, instead, I feel BLESSED. I'm beyond grateful for the trust they have in me and of course, to the continuous blessing HE is giving me. So, expect a lot of GoNY product reviews! ;-)

Also, wait for my entry for the Ever Bilena contest. Hihihi!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. you're so pretty!! I'm always watching your YT vidz :) cheers!

    1. Aww! Thank you so much, Anne! *salute*