Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Product Review: Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers

I'm currently obsessed with this two-way cake from Fashion 21. I haven't tried using it with a damp sponge or brush but I love it because it has a good coverage and it's very affordable, too!

Price: P140.00 (Refill)
Bought from: SM North Edsa, Department Store
Also available at: Any SM Department Stores/Watsons, Trinoma

Fashion 21 have different variants of their two-way cakes. They have the regular two-way cakes, two-way cake with tea tree oil, two-way cake with papaya extract, and the one that I got is the two-way cake with milk moisturizers.

Here are the differences of each variants:

Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake with Tea Tree Oil 
For people with acne prone skin
Shades: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 --- with beige undertones

Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake with Papaya Extract
Contains whitening agents
Shades: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 --- with brownish undertones

Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers
Best for people with dry skin
Shades: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 --- with yellow undertones

I was originally planning to buy the one with papaya extract but then I found the shades from the milk moisturizers line more suitable for my skin color since they have a yellow undertone. The shade that I got is No.2 because it is the perfect color for me. No.1 is a little lighter than my skin color while the darkest which is No.3 is a little darker than my skin tone but it's not too dark though. Still not dark enough to be used as a contouring powder. 

Anyway, since this was my first ever two-way cake from Fashion 21, I just bought the refill because I wanted to try first if it's any good and to be honest, I don't really like how the one in the compact looks like. After trying out this powder and falling in love with it, I think, if ever I'm going to purchase it again (Which I will!), I'm still going to settle for the refill because it's actually perfect for makeup artists such as myself because you can transfer it into a magnetic palette like the famous Z-palettes.

Here are the Product Features according to the official site of Fashion 21:

- Milk Protein (moisturizer)
- UV-Protection
- Oil control
- Mild on skin
- Non-cakey
- Long-lasting
- Can be applied wet or dry

I love that this product has a UV-Protection. I got to say that I agree on what Fashion 21 is claiming about this powder. However, I've only used it dry. I haven't tried using it the other way which is applying it with a damp sponge just because I'm not a fan of the idea or the process.

What I love about this powder is that it is finely milled and has a silk-like texture. It's very smooth and not chalky at all. For its price, I was expecting it to be powdery but I was really surprised by its quality. It gives a smooth finish with light to medium coverage. If applied wet, it will give medium to full coverage but since I haven't tried using it that way, I can't comply about that yet.

Like what I've said, it has a yellow undertone but it can be too yellow if you put on too much of the product so be careful about that. I swatched it on the back of my hand for you to see its coverage.



As you can see, it smoothed the part of my hand where I applied the two-way powder and it concealed my scar a little so that's really amazing. I have more photos of evidences below.

First is a side-by-side photos to support my testimonial about its staying power.

I swear to my makeup collection that on the day that I tested out its longevity, I did not retouch all throughout the day! Not even once, not even a little on my nose! Isn't it amazing? 

FYI, the foundation that I used here in this test was Yves Rocher Matte Fluid Foundation and that foundation is very light and has a sheer coverage. I used a little of the Ever Bilena BB Cream in Oriental to conceal my dark under eye circles.

Left photo: with light coverage of foundation
Right photo: with foundation set with the Fashion 21 two-way powder

Left photo: with light coverage of foundation
Right photo: with complete makeup on

You can already see that it gave me a medium coverage and it has a smooth, almost flawless finish. So awesome! Let's break down the photos in a timeline:

3 PM
My makeup was freshly applied in this photo. Taken before I went to school.

6 PM
3 hours after. This was taken after my first class for that day. It still looks great though my nose got a little bit oily already. That's because I have oily-combination skin. However, the oiliness that happened on my nose area did not really need to be retouched with the two-way cake.

8 PM
My t-zone area got oily already but I personally think it still looked okay even without retouching. An oil-blotting paper can solve this issue. The powder on my nose and around my nose was starting to fade out and the fine lines under my eyes was starting to crease. This was taken when I arrived at home from school.

10 PM
My forehead and my nose became super oily already, the redness of my pimple below my lips was already showing and the powder was settling on the lines under my eyes. My pimple scars on my brow area were also peeking a little already.

11:30 PM
After a total of  8.5 hours, this is how my face looked like. My t-zone area became super oily and the redness around my nose was already showing as well as the light blemishes on my forehead and under my mouth. The pimple below my lips and the small zits in between my nose and lips were already noticeable.

Based on this test and based on my daily use of this two-way cake from Fashion 21, I got to say that it is absolutely an amazing product! Just look at those photos! Mind you, I didn't cheat on this test. This review is 100% true and honest. For its price, the quality that this powder gives is really unbelievable. Look back on the last photo taken at 11:30 in the evening, even if the powder had faded out already, it still looks great and presentable. I kept on checking in the mirror because I was really amazed on how pleasant my face still looked like after hours without retouching. I love this powder so much because it did not cake even after my face got super oily by the end of the day.

I have tried the Ever Bilena Powder Foundation and this two-way cake is way better than that. If I am going to compare it to the Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cakes, I think I love the consistency of the Fashion 21 Two Way Cake better because it has a smoother and silk-like texture. However, what I love about Fanny Serrano that Fashion 21 doesn't have is their wide range of shades of their two-way cakes, from light to really dark colors (i.e. Orleans, Rajah, Fantasia).

If you're wondering if I already used this powder alone with no foundation under, yes I had! Here's how my face looks like with the Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake with no foundation:

It gave a very light coverage but it still looks nice and great for everyday makeup.

With all that said, I am definitely recommending this to everyone! It's very affordable yet the quality is unbelievably good. Plus, consumers (particularly Philippine residents) have a very easy access since Fashion 21 counters can be found at all SM Department Stores, nationwide! I also like that this two-way cakes have different variants although the shades are limited nga lang. I think I'm going to try the one with papaya extract soon.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Thank you so much for this in-depth review! As soon as I finish my Fanny Serrano two way cake, I will try that out. That is way cheaper than FS! I love reading local product reviews! Truly, there's so much to try out from the local brands! Keep local product reviews coming! :)


    1. "Truly, there's so much to try out from the local brands!" --- AGREE! Thank you, Iya! You'll definitely see more local product reviews. :)

  2. wow, super nice review! It look nice on you! ^_~

    1. Thank you, Janet! Really love the powder :)

  3. wow! this is my all time fave powder ..
    can't wait for the comparative review <3
    more power ms. bing :D

    1. Really a good product, di ba? :) Thank you, dear!

  4. Have you tried the Ever Bilena powders? Ano kaya difference nun dito sa Fashion21? So far I've been loving Fashion21 more than EB kasi mas varied ang products nila :) Better shades pa.

    1. Hi dear! I gotta agree that Fashion 21 has better and wider range of shades than Ever Bilena when it comes to powders. I've tried the EB powder foundation already and I prefer the Fashion 21 two way cake because it has better coverage and it lasts longer. The EB powder foundation is okay but it's a little chalky and coverage is just light.

  5. this review is very helpful btw. I have been hesitant in buying some local cosmetics thinking it could not work as great as how it worked for you. i am definitely going to try this. Good thing weve got the same skin type miss bing :) love your review post!

    1. Thanks Jenn! You should really give local cosmetics a try and you might just find your holy grail product. ;-)

  6. I've been looking for a local powder that's yellow enough for me. I can't believe it's that hard to find. I bought this recently, and it's a near-perfect match. I love it. I use shade 3

    1. Great! Hope you'll love it as much as I do! :)

  7. I've been using this fashion 21 two way cake powder since college, this powder is really awesome.. thumbs up for this review! you did great..

    1. Thank you! I really love this powder. :)

  8. Is this suitable for sensitive, acne-prone skin? I really want to try this (cos of its tea tree content)

    1. Hi! This is the one with milk moisturizers. The Fashion 21 Two Way Cake with Tea Tree Oil is the one made for acne-prone skin.

  9. Gotta try this! Thanks for letting us know! ;-)

  10. Any update on f21 vs fs two way cake foundation? :) Thankyou for this review. Super helpful!

  11. Hi is this shade okay for medium-light kinda skin? My skin has a yellow undertone in it and sorta morena =))
    I super duper LOVE your reviews! >///<

  12. I've been using this foundation on top of Loreal True Match Liquid foundation since 2008.Tried other brands, even the mid-range and high-end ones but nothing beats this powder. Shade #3 (I'm NC 37-40 in MAC) is perfect for morenas like me. The only downside is its poor oil control but a good setting spray could fix that!

  13. I like the Fashion 21 two way cake foundation ever since I read it on :) Great review!

  14. Ate bing :) okay b sya sa flash? Hndi b sya nag paflash back or ghost effect? :)