Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lance's Prom Night!

It seems just like yesterday when we were so happy to see him crawl for the first time and walk for the first time. Tonight, he attended his first JS Prom. My gosh! My little boy is not little anymore!

Everyone, meet my one and only nephew, Lance. He's the first child and only son of my only brother. Lance is also the first grandchild of my parents and their only grandson. I have a total of 10 pamangkin (niece/nephew) and Lance is my only nephew, the rest are all chicas! :) My nephew is a good student and he is a really great basketball player! Mr. MVP. ;-)

Tonight he attended his first JS Prom. I did a light makeup on him for one of his most special High School events. Sayang walang close-up photo. These photos were taken by his Mom with an iPhone5 so please excuse if it's a little blurry.

This is him without makeup on. As you can see, there's just a slight difference. I just concealed the dark spots on his face and pimple scars (due to puberty, LOL), contoured a bit then applied a lip tint on his lips so he won't look pale in photos.

Kudos to his Mom, my sister-in-law, for putting together an awesome suit for Lance. I teased him ala John Lloyd Cruz because of his outfit. LOL!

Lance bagged the titles Mr. Junior and Eye-catcher of the Night! O ha! Congratulations, Kuya! You may be 15 years old already and stands as tall as me but you will always be our baby boy. ;-)

Love you always, Tita Bing. :)


  1. ang cute nang pamangkin mo! and one more thing, an dami nang vases and jars! lol
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Thanks! Hahahaha! My Mom loves vases and jars kase. :D