Friday, April 12, 2013

Glory of New York Skin Care Products for Matured Skin

A few days ago, I posted on my Facebook page and personal Facebook timeline the before and after photos of my Mother for her Glory of New York skin care products test. My Mom is not really that easy to persuade when it comes to anti-aging products that's why she's a little skeptic at first to see if these GNY skin care products really work. She didn't believe in skin care products that will help make you look youthful until she tried these amazing GNY skin care products.

Here's the photo that I posted on my Facebook page:

In photos, you may only see a slight difference but in person, you can really see the huge difference, especially if you know how your Mom's skin used to look like! Either way, slight or huge, you can still see the difference! My Mom is using the Glory of New York products for a month or so now and the effect on her skin is just brilliant!

Here are the products that belongs to her current skin care kit:

1. Glory of New York Facial Cleansing
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This is not really exclusive for matured skin because anyone can use this (except for kiddos!) facial cleanser. This is also my current facial wash and I will definitely blog about this so please stay tuned for my separate post for this.

2. Glory of New York Face Lift Powder and Face Lift Activator
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The Face Lift Powder and the Face Lift Activator is mixed together to create a face mask. The ratio is 1 is to 1. I just use 1 1/2 tbsp. of the Face Lift Powder and 1 1/2 tbsp. of the Face Lift Activator whenever I use this on my Mom. When the two products are mixed, it will become sticky like a dough. When applied on the face, it dries up like a wax and it is actually stiffer than a wax so it's painful when you peel it off from your skin. My Mom doesn't want to feel anymore the pain she felt when she first used this so what she does is she just peels off the mask with water so that it will not be painful. The pain is tolerable, don't worry, she just doesn't want to feel any levels of pain. ;-)

The Face Lift mask should sit on your face for 45 minutes but Ms. Larissa Sahay, owner of GNY, and her assistant, Jenny, advised us that it is better if you will leave it on your skin for more than 45 hours so that it can really lift your skin. So, my Mom leaves it on her skin for an hour. She said that as the mask dries, she can really feel her skin getting tighter and lifted. I actually tried it once just to experience how it feels and my face really felt tight while it's drying up on my face. As if it's really lifting my skin! My Mom said that she now knows what it feels like to be botox-ed! Haha!

Here are the photos that I took while Ms. Larissa applied the Face Lift mask on my Mom:

You can use a foundation brush to apply the mask. You should use this mask 10 times within a month. After that, you can just use it twice or thrice a month for maintenance.

3. Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel
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Like the Facial Cleansing, this is also not exclusive for matured skin because I use this as well and the rest of my family! This is basically a non-abrasive exfoliant that helps removes dead skin cells and I'm telling you, this product is like a miracle! When you use it, it's as if you have a new-born skin! I'll be uploading a demo video for this product in my YouTube channel so please stay tuned for that. For now, here are a few photos of my Mom experiencing the miracle of Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel.

It is a gel that becomes thin and liquid-like as you rub it onto the skin. Then it will soften your skin and your dead skin cells will eventually be removed like dirt or libag in Tagalog. ;-) I'm not sure if you can see it in the photo above but dirt were already starting to form on my Mother's skin when I took this photo. That dirt is the dead skin cells and impurities sitting on your skin. This product is really heaven-sent! After each use, you can really see that your face brightens up and lightens a little because the dirt on your skin is finally removed!

Skin Enzyme Peel should be used after the Face Lift mask  IF you're going to use the Face Lift mask. The Skin Enzyme Peel though, since it's an exfoliant, should only be used twice or thrice a week. However, Ms. Larissa said that you can use it daily but in my case, she advised me to use this twice a week only. I suggest to not overuse it because since it basically removes the upper layer of your skin, it might become sensitive so please be careful.

After using the Skin Enzyme Peel, rinse it using the Glory of New York Facial Cleansing.

4. Glory of New York Anti-Aging and Skin Firm Serum
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From the product name, this is used to make your skin firmer. It helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles, make your skin healthier and restore its youth. It is also a protection from free-radicals and oxidative stress which are major causes of aging. My Mom said you can instantly feel the tightness when you apply it on your skin. You should use 2-3 pumps of this daily on your face and neck and spread out the product in upward strokes to lift up your skin and avoid rubbing your skin downwards.

This serum is applied before the moisturizer and you should wait for a while until it penetrates your skin before applying moisturizer. However, Ms. Larissa advised my Mom to not apply moisturizer on top because it will just soften the serum on your face and it will kind of defeat the purpose of the serum. She said that that is what their dermatologists advised them. So her advise for my Mom is to use this at night so that the product will completely penetrate her skin and take effect as she sleeps. She can just use her moisturizer at day time.

The Anti-Aging and Skin Firm Serum is also available for men.

5. Glory of New York Anti-Wrinkle Cream
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This is the moisturizer that my Mom is using. Moisturizers are usually applied after serum but since Ms. Larissa advised my Mom to use the serum at night, she only uses this at day time. The Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a natural treatment for the removal, remedy, prevention and cure for wrinkles. It is a herbal care for wrinkles that will also moisturize and soften your skin. My Mom said that it is really moisturizing.

THAT'S ALL OF IT! My Mom is absolutely in love with these products. She is religiously using it and she cannot be happier with the result of using these products. We're just not sure how these products work individually but altogether, these GNY skin care products are AMAZING!

This is how my Mom look like with makeup before and after using the products:

Now, this photo was taken before my Mom started using all of the said GNY skin care products:

This is her now (after a month):

If my Mom is happy, of course I'm happy for her and for her skin, too! You can tell that her face is glowing and the visibility of the fine lines were lessened but you can still see her wrinkles. I don't really think there's any product that will completely erase wrinkles on your face but I believe there are products that will just help lessen the visibility of wrinkles and help combat the early signs of aging.

I hope that you should give these products a try. May it be for your Mom, Grandmother, Dad, Grandfather, or even for yourself or for your partners. And I'm not paid to say all these things. Yes, these products were sent to us for review but this blog post is 100% true and unbiased. So I hope you'll give these a try and the other GNY products. It's an underdog skin care and cosmetics line because it's not yet that popular but when you try it out, you can really say that it's considered a high-end brand because of its quality.

Thank you Glory of New York Philippines for letting me and my family, especially my Mom, try out your products! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


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