Monday, April 22, 2013

Updated Skin Care Routine (April 2013)

     A lot of my subscribers and followers had been asking me what are the products I currently use to take care of my skin. They thought I have a secret behind my almost flawless skin right now. To tell you honestly, I still have breakouts every now and then and a few pimple scars are still noticeable... BUT I have found my skin's new best friends which help in treating pimples in just a matter of days and lightening scars and other blemishes faster.

1. Glory of New York Facial Cleansing
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-     A light type of facial cleanser. Texture and formula is almost like a moisturizer or lotion but thinner. It doesn't really lather so it can be a little intimidating at first because you might think it will not thoroughly clean your skin but actually, it will really leave your skin clean, fresh, supple and smooth. However, since it is very light, it is not capable of removing excess makeup from your face. No biggie! I love how it smells! Very elegant and sophisticated and the scent lingers --- in a good way of course! Hmmmm! :)

2. Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel
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-     I consider this as a miracle product. Haha! It is basically a non-abrasive exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells from your face. If you know Japan's no. 1 skin care product which is Cure Nature Aqua Gel, it is kind of like that, though I haven't yet used that one. But based on the reviews I've read, they have the same purpose and effect. I'm telling you, Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel is the best skin care product I've tried. Everytime I use it, it's like I have a new-born skin. This is what helps me achieve that almost flawless and poreless skin. ;-) Review soon!

(P89.75 at Watsons)

-     The best toner I've tried so far! I'm on my 5th bottle already and it's a strong proof that this toner loves my skin and my skin loves it, too! For toners, I usually change them after consuming 2 to 3 bottles and now that I'm on my 5th bottle, need I say more? I love it! It's light, it's moisturizing, it doesn't break me out, doesn't make my skin oily and it is an anti-aging product!

4. Glory of New York Aloe Vera All Skin Gel
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-     It's suitable for all skin type but people with oily skin will benefit more from this product. GNY highly recommends this to people with oily, oily-combination and super oily skin. Because of its gel-type formula, it will keep your skin matte all day. As for me, it really controlled the oiliness of my skin and it's like my skin is matte but hydrated. It's a little cool on the skin since it has aloe vera. It leaves a thin, invisible film on your skin that serves as protection from the harmful Sun rays, exhaust fumes, dirt, dust, etc. This serves as my daytime moisturizer.

The Aloe E Moisturizing Lotion is the counterpart of the Aloe Vera All Skin Gel. It suits people with dry skin best.

5. Glory of New York Fairness and Glow Cream
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-     The first moisturizer I've tried from GNY. I've posted photos of before-and-after of this product in my Facebook page before and you can really see the transformation. My skin became fairer and I have this healthy glow on my skin. I use it only at night because it has a dewy finish but it's not that greasy and it doesn't make my skin oily. Every morning when I wake up, I have this natural glow on my skin that I've never had before! Not kidding! Read more about this here.

6. Glory of New York Heal Cream
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-     I forgot to feature this in my video! From the name itself, this is a cream that heals pimples and other minor skin problems. When I have a pimple that's about to grow, I just apply heal cream on it and the bump will subside a little and the pimple will dry earlier than usual. Say about, 3 to 4 days. Because before, my pimples usually dries for about a week. This can also be applied to rough, dry and scaly skin.

7. MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion
(P129.75 at Watsons)

- There are a lot of reasons why I love this lotion. It's moisturizing, has quick absorption and non-greasy formula, it's an anti-aging and anti-oxidant lotion, safe for your skin, has UVA and UVB protection so it's perfect for daytime use, it's affordable, the bottle is not too big so you can bring it anywhere you go and it smells like Elizabeth Arden's famous Green Tea perfume!!! Hmmmm! :)

8. Yoko Knee and Elbow Moisturizing and Whitening Cream
(P179.75 at Watsons)

-     This whitening cream greatly impressed me because it really delivers. It helped lighten my dark scar on my knees and my not-so-fair elbows! My ankles are a little dark too I also have a small dark and rough scar on my right ankles and this Yoko cream really helped lightened it. It didn't fully lighten the dark spots on my body though but it helped big time! Review the soonest!

     That's it! For more questions, leave them as a comment below! :) If you also have your own regular skin care essentials, please do share them because I love discovering new products! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


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  5. To tell you honestly, I still have breakouts every now and then and a few pimple scars are still noticeable... BUT I have found my skin's new best friends which help in treating pimples in just a matter of days and lightening scars and other blemishes faster.