Monday, May 27, 2013

Product Review: Beauty Cosmetics Blending Eye Brushes (Natural and Synthetic)

One of the key techniques in applying eyeshadows perfectly is blending. Of course, you'll be needing a blending eye brush for that or a fluffy brush. However, not all blending eye brushes out there perform the same. Some sucks, some are okay, while some are just the best. I've heard and read a lot of times that one of the bests, if not THE best, blending eye brush that you can find is the MAC #217 which I don't have because it's really expensive for me. I've found great, affordable blending brushes though which work perfectly on me but recently, I've found my two new favorite blending eye brushes --- the Beauty Cosmetics blending eye brushes.

In this post, I'm going to share with you both Beauty Cosmetics' Natural Blending Eye Brush and Synthetic Eye Brush. Let's talk about the natural one first.

I bought this blending eye brush from Beauty Cosmetics during the Celebrity Bazaar 2013. They were on sale that time so all of their individual blending eye brushes were only sold for P50.00 each! Such a steal!

The first thing that really caught my eye was the synthetic blending eye brush. I wasn't really planning to buy this one but Ms. Rosenn, the owner of Beauty Cosmetics, told us that this is made with high quality goat hair. I checked it out and I thought it's really soft so I decided to buy it since it's just for P50.00. Also, I want to compare it to the synthetic one.

First thing that I've noticed about this brush is that the bristles are a little porous or buhaghag so I thought maybe it's a little scratchy. When I tried it out, I was surprised because it's really gentle and soft and I didn't even feel itchy and the bristles didn't hurt my skin.

When it comes to performance, oh wow! It blends flawlessly but I think technique is still significant. How you use it is still a part of it but this brush is really good. I'd have to say that this is the best natural blending eye brush that I've used so far because I can blend my eyeshadows easily and quickly than before. Sure it's not the best blending eye brush like the higher-end ones, but for now, I can say that it's the most pro blending eye brush that I own.

Another good thing about this brush is that when I washed it, it didn't shed at all so durability is quite awesome, too.

Now, let's move on to the synthetic one.

Like the natural blending eye brush, this synthetic blending brush from Beauty Cosmetics is absolutely soft, too. Since it's synthetic, of course it is softer than the natural one. The bristles are packed but not super dense and it's okay by me! In fact, when it comes to blending brushes, I prefer dense bristles but not over densely packed because blending would just be easier. I also find that super densely packed brushes can leave streak marks and blending requires a little more effort.

The great thing about synthetic brushes is that you can use them for both powder and cream products. I usually use this synthetic blending eye brush for blending out cream eyeshadows or base. Sometimes (depends what type of eye makeup I'm doing), I use this to blend powder eyeshadows, too but what I do is, I use this for initial blending and then finish it up with the natural blending eye brush. You can also use this to blend out your concealer, like for spot-concealing or for your under eyes so it's multipurpose, too!

Overall, these two Beauty Cosmetics blending eye brushes are awesome. I love them and I highly recommend them to all makeup enthusiasts especially to those who are always in a budget because it's affordable yet performs greatly. Since it's cheap, you might find flaws in this brushes but so far, I've no problem with them. I think the original price of each brushes is P100.00.

Repurchase? ABSOLUTELY! I'm actually planning to buy a few more for backups. ;-)

Visit Beauty Cosmetics on Facebook to purchase your own blending eye brushes. Do check out their other makeup brushes as well because they're awesome, too! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. kainis kapatid yung P50.00 marked-down price ha.Inggit na inggit na nga ako kay sis Aya, Codenameaya, when she posted about this, sana pati online magsale ng ganon. Gusto ko to. (Pero siempre mas double gusto ko kung P50.00 lang.) Ang daya nyo mga nasa Manila. hehe

    1. Punta ka naman kasi dito kapatid! Haha! :)