Sunday, June 30, 2013

Product Rave-iew: Beauty Cosmetics Face Precision Kit

If you're a makeup artist or an aspiring makeup artist, you should really invest on quality makeups and makeup brushes. Sadly, high quality cosmetics and makeup brushes are EXPENSIVE. Thank goodness for other drugstore and local brands who make dupes for high-end products.

One of the makeup brush brands that I really want to try is Sigma Beauty which is insanely expensive, especially for frugal people like me! Hehe! Thank God, I found a local brand which sells dupes for Sigma brushes and mind you, they have amazing quality as well!

Beauty Cosmetics is a local brand which is known for carrying affordable yet good quality makeup brushes. I've tried their brushes before when my sister bought their black 12-pcs brush set and I was amazed on the softness and performance of their brushes. Last May, I got their Face Perfection Kit and their Face Precision Kit. Let's talk about the Face Precision Kit first.

Product Name: Beauty Cosmetics Face Precision Kit
Price: Php 450.00
Available at: Beauty Cosmetics

The Beauty Cosmetics Face Precision Kit contains 5 precision brushes made up of synthetic bristles. They are designed for precise makeup application on your face. I haven't tried any of the Sigma Brushes but based on photos, these would be a good dupe for the Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit.

1. Flat Precision Brush - ideal for applying concealer on Sun spots, blemishes or any small imperfections on the face

2. Round Precision Brush - for applying eyeshadow base or primer to lid, can also be used to blend concealer under eye area

For me, this is the most versatile out of all the 5 brushes from the kit. I sometimes neglect the other 4 brushes and just use only this rounded precision brush so you can say that it's my favorite from the Face Precision Kit. It is dense but not tightly packed so the bristles on the outer part helps blend well the product that I apply on my face. Based on personal experience, super tightly packed bristles may create streak marks. This brush is just perfect. Precisely applies product on the face and works really well too in blending. I love using this in applying concealer on the under eye area.

3. Slanted Precision Brush - flat angled precision brush designed for applying concealer anywhere on the face

This is my favorite brush to use in applying eyeshadow base and primer on my eyelids. It's just perfect!

4. Angled Precision Brush - for applying products to areas such as sides of the nose and hollows of the cheeks

Since the brush is slanted, I love using it in contouring the sides of my nose too and it works perfectly! Of course, you have to blend it well. ;)

5. Tapered Precision Brush - for exact placement of concealer in harder to reach areas such as sides of the nose, around the eyes, chin and around the mouth

This is a life-saver! The description says it all! It helps you apply and blend the product very well on the hard-to-reach areas on the face especially on the sides of my nose. I also love using this in blending concealer under my eyes near the lower lash lines.

All of the brushes from this kit have soft bristles so it's gentle on the skin. The brushes don't shed whenever I wash them so the bristles are really durable, too. However, since it's synthetic, it absorbs the product that you use (concealers, cream, foundations) so it's a little difficult to wash especially when it sips deep in the middle of the bristles. Also, the handle is not really durable. The brushes from their 12-pcs brush set have problems with the handles because they are easily detached from the ferrules. These brushes from the Face Precision Kit have a different style of handle compared to their older brushes because it snaps well onto the ferrule so it's more sturdy but still, I found that one of the handles is a little loose like it's going to detach from the ferrule anytime. Other than that, I can't see any problem at all with these brushes!

Overall, I am in love with this kit! Very affordable yet of great quality. It's definitely a must-have for makeup artists! Because of the handle problem, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. :)

For awesome quality and wide selection of makeup brushes yet super affordable, please visit Beauty Cosmetics on Facebook. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Nice super affordable! I'll check them out :)

  2. compared to the face perfection kit, gaano kaliit yung bristles nung brush?

    1. Hi! The face perfection brushes are the size of powder brushes/ blush brushes while these face precision are almost the size of big eyeshadow brushes.

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