Friday, June 28, 2013

Product Review: Glory of New York Mineral Blush

One of my favorite makeup products from Glory of New York is their Mineral Blush. When I first saw these blushes from GNY, my first impression was maybe it's not that pigmented and maybe it could be too powdery --- but I was wrong. I don't know why I easily judge a certain makeup just by looking at it! This blush is my absolute favorite blush ever!

You can see in the photos above that there are 7 pans of GNY Mineral Blushes but one shade was doubled so all in all, I only have 6 shades of these amazing blushes. Glory of New York Mineral Blush comes in a black pan that can actually fit my palm so it's a little small but it's okay because at least, you can store it inside your makeup kits. It has a window on the cover so that's good because you can easily see the colors of the blushes. The packaging though is a little flimsy so I think it's not really that sturdy but so far, these blushes haven't failed me. So far, so good. Hehe!

The blushes are a mix of mattes and shimmers. Sometimes, matte blushes may not be as pigmented as you want it to be but the GNY matte mineral blushes really have good color payoff! Also, the texture is not chalky nor powdery. They are silky and smooth which is a million times plus factor! The GNY shimmer mineral blushes are also impressive! Even though they look shimmery from the pan, it wouldn't appear too shimmery on your face like you applied glitters on your cheeks! It just gives a very satin finish and gives a beautiful glow on the skin. ;-)

When it comes to shades, I'm honestly not sure how many shades they have in total but I'm glad that they have pink shades, coral shades, peach shades and they even have a color that you can use for contouring! I'm talking about shade no. 10! It may be too warm for some though so, just a quick tip, mix it with a tiny amount of chocolate brown eyeshadow if you think it appears too warm or orange-y for you. ;)

These are the shades that I received - 7, 10, 85 and 88 are all matte while 41 and 83 have shimmers on them. My absolute favorite shade is no. 41 because it just gives my face a very healthy glow and just the right amount of color!

I swatched the GNY Mineral Blushes on the back of my hand and took photos of it with and without flash so you can see the true colors.

Gorgeous, gorgeous colors! And just look how pigmented they are! :) FYI, a little goes a long way so be careful in using them because you might apply too much. Just apply it gradually and blend it well. Another reason that I like about these blushes is that they don't cake and appear patchy on my skin when I sweat. It sets well onto my skin and lasts for hours and hours! Here's a before and after image:

I used camera phones on both photos. The left image was taken at around 3PM or 4PM and the right image was taken at around 11PM! My face looked oily on the right image already and the color had slightly faded but it's still there and my skin still has that beautiful glow. Awesome, isn't it? :) These blushes are what I use on my clients as well because it has a strong staying power and good color payoff.

Glory of New York Mineral Blush --- best blush that I've tried so far! It costs around P1,000+ but Queen B. has an ongoing clearance sale so you can get it for only P320 now! That's such a huge discount so you wouldn't want to miss their amazing sale! The blushes though come in Iris pans but same shades, same products, just different packaging. :)

Hope this review helps!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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