Thursday, June 27, 2013

Product Review: Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil

Stick foundations are not really my thing. It's just that two of the stick foundies that I've tried before didn't really work out that well on me. I thought they're both cakey and just not the perfect match for my oily-combination skin. However, maybe it's just the way how I used it? Hmm... Not sure but after using those two, I decided I won't use stick foundations anymore, well, not for the rest of my life naman. Hehe! Stick foundations are so convenient to use sana, however, I guess we're not really meant to be (or so I thought?).

Then just a month ago, I went over to Fashion 21 cosmetics' counter at SM North Edsa to complete my stash from the said brand for my one-brand makeup tutorial. I realized that Fashion 21 cosmetics doesn't have liquid and cream foundations. They only have powder foundations and their Perfect Sticks which are actually concealers but can be used as foundation. So, with no other choice at all, I decided to purchase one of their stick concealers for the sake of my one-brand makeup tutorial and also, to see if it's worth sharing to my readers. There are two kinds --- the classic perfect stick and the one with tea tree oil. I went for the latter since the Fashion 21 sales lady told me that it has better coverage than the former. Of course, before buying it, I tried it on the back of my hand and I was kind of intrigued with its texture because it glides on smoothly, blendable and seems to have an almost powder finish.

Product name: Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil
Price: P195.00
Bought from: Fashion 21 counter at SM North Edsa

soft concealer stick with tea tree oil

- Tea Tree Oil (fade blemishes)
- UV Protection
- Oil Control
- Mild on skin
- Smooth and easy application
- Cream to powder finish
- Can act as foundation

The first thing that I thought when I bought this was "Oh please, don't let me down.". I mean, yes it's affordable but if it's not worth buying for then I'd rather just spend my P195.00 on something else (like a meal from Burger King, oh yum!). Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil is available in only 3 shades. I got the shade Milk Tea which is the second lightest shade. The first one, which is Irish Tea, is lighter than me and the last shade, Warm Tea, is already too dark for me. Milk Tea is the perfect shade for my skin color!

The product comes in a mint green plastic case with a roll-up barrel which is pretty sturdy. It has a slight mint scent which I like because you know naman how much I love minty products! Some though doesn't like the scent. Oh, well!

Direction for Use:

Best applied with a soft, flat sponge or with your fingers. Apply in even strokes, working towards the hairline and jaw line.

When I first used it, I was already impressed with it! I use it as foundation and concealer most of the time and I use both my fingers and buffing brush (synthetic kabuki brushes from Beauty Cosmetics) to apply it. I double up on some of the areas of my face that need more concealing. It glides on smoothly as you apply it and not at all thick and cakey. One layer is equivalent to medium coverage but you can, of course, build it up to achieve your desired amount of coverage. As for me, I apply one layer all over my face then just add more on my imperfections, especially my dark circles, redness around my nose, and blemishes but really, it covers up mild imperfections in just one application.

I was absolutely in awe when I first tried it because it has a really good quality, considering its price of only P195.00! Good coverage, smooth texture and finish, and the longevity is really striking, too! The powder finish doesn't bother me since I have oily-combination skin but for people with dry skin, you might want to moisturize well your skin before using this because it might accentuate your dry skin and might create patches. What I also love about Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil is that, it has a good amount of coverage without looking like you're all photoshopped and used layers of foundations. It just looks almost flawless and natural and it doesn't feel heavy at all even with 2-3 layers.

Let me show you my before-and-after photos from the first time that I've tried it. I used Fashion 21 Two Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers to set it:

Impressive, ei? The first image was a photo of me with the stick foundation set with their two way cake foundation, then second image with finished makeup and then the last one was taken 4 hours after! I looked shiny on my t-zone area already but the coverage is still awesome!

Okay, okay, I thought to myself that maybe the Fashion 21 Two Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers helped with the result. So, I did another test just recently to really see how long it would last. I only used a loose translucent powder to set it:

Want to take a closer look? Let's break it down, photo by photo:

Picture No. 1: Bare face

Picture No. 2: Applied the Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil as foundation/concealer.

Picture No. 3: Set it with a loose translucent powder, did my brows, and then contoured my face.

Picture No. 4: With complete makeup on.

Picture No. 5: After 7 hours. My skin looked shiny already but the coverage was still almost as good although some of my pimple scars were starting to show.

Picture No. 6: AFTER A TOTAL OF 9 HOURS, my skin looked really oily already, the foundation was starting to wear off on my nose area and under eye area but overall, the coverage still looked pretty good! FYI, I did not retouch at all!!!

Isn't it imposing? That's a total of 9 hours, for pete's sake! Now, I can really say that Fashion 21 is one of the best (if not the best) local cosmetic brands in the Philippines! You've seen it all in the photos that I've provided for you. ;-)

I absolutely recommend this to all Filipinas who are tight on budget. The Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil is definitely worth it. I honestly can't think of any negative thing about it. Maybe just the scent because it might bother some but it's totally fine by me, I actually like it. Oh, and I'm just not sure if it will really help fade out blemishes because I don't use it everyday but if we're just going to talk about texture, coverage, staying power and overall quality, it's very surprising. Let's just put it this way, it changed my view towards stick foundations. Hehehe!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. what did you use to contour? it looks really good! i love the perfect stick, as well. i have the silver one, because it matches my skin better :) - Kim

    1. Hi Kim! I used Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Fantasia but I mixed it with a little amount of chocolate brown eyeshadow to reduce its warmth. :) Is the one in the silver tube good, too? :)

  2. Wow Bing! Your review is amazing! Very detailed and complete. Have you tried the Maybelline Clear Smooth Concealer? Which one is better for you? This is really helpful since I have been looking for this kind of concealer. I use elf but it's just too oily for me.

    Thank you. You look great! Stay awesome!

    1. Hi, there! I haven't tried the any Maybelline concealers yet so I can't compare. But I agree with the ELF one, if you're talking about the all over stick then yes, it's too oily nga.

      Thank you so much, for reading! ^_^

    2. Hi Miss Bing! Thank you for your response. I bought the concealer stick this afternoon because of your review and recommendation. The weird thing was, I got the lighter shade but it was named irish tea. I was on denial that time because I thought that milk tea was the lighter shade and irish tea was the lightest. haha. I was scared when I first applied it on my face because I thought it was darker than my complexion. It turned out well though after blended.

      I love the coverage and how it turned to powder-like in consistency. It feels like foundation and when I set it with 4u2's lovelight bbpowder, volia! I'm really impressed. I will test its staying power tomorrow and how oily my skin can get after a day's use.

      Thank you Miss Bing for this factual and comprehensive review. It really helped me. Thank you for your advocacy in helping women to choose products which are effective and economical.

      More power to your blog, channel and career! Stay awesome!

    3. Aww! Thank you so much, girl!!! You just totally made my day! (Kahit na madaling araw na ngayon, hihi)
      I'm glad you had a good first impression with it.

      Thank you for trusting my blog! I become more determined and more motivated with awesome people like you. God bless you and stay awesome (and accomplish your mission)! Haha! ;-)

    4. Hello Miss Bing!

      I'm glad that I made you happy through my post. (Hindi pambobola yun ha!) Hahahaha. As promised, the update. I'm really happy with the product I bought. F21 tea trea concealer stick really "sticked" to my skin and it didn't get my face oily except on the nose area which is really the oiliest part of my face.I just hope the weather changes tomorrow so I can test it in terms of the hot and humid climate here in the Philippines because today is cloudy and I stayed in an air-conditioned room so the results might be different.

      So anyway, I really love this product, I am happy with it. It stayed longer compared to my elf cincealer stick/maybelline mineral liquid foundie combo.

      Again, thank you Miss Bing for your review and posts. It's my first time to actually comment on your blog, although I often read it. So, I hope you would do more of this kind of review esp our local prods. As you always say, "Stay awesome and accomplish your mission!" :)

    5. Haha! Thanks for updating me! Glad it works well on you, too! Gotta love local cosmetics talaga, diba? :)

      Again, you're welcome and thank you, too! :) Teka inunahan mo naman ako sa sign off phrase ko e! Haha! :) Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

  3. very good coverage nga, i have this one also but the shade is warm tea and oh my god for the life of me i couldnt make it work talaga. there is something off with that shade. sayang lang. could have used to buy something better.

    1. Aww so sad! If it's darker than your skin color, you can use it for contouring. :)

  4. What other concealers can you recommend which works good and has an affordable price??

    1. Try the LA Girls Pro Conceal HD concealer! It's one of the best drugstore concealers that I've tried. It has an amazing coverage and it's only for Php 299.00. I honestly can't think of any other good mascaras that is cheaper than Php 299.00 so this is my suggestion. :)

  5. Miss Bing, is this good for flash photography? Im looking for a local full coverage foundation/concealer for oily/combi that can be used for flash photox when I go out. Ty

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  7. Hello,

    Just stumbled upon your blog & I agree with you 100%. I'm a guy with a skin that pumps more oil than Saudi & dark eye circles that put Edward Cullen's to shame (JK!), so F21's Perfect Stick works best for me in terms of coverage. The tea tree helps with the breakouts plus I love the cool tinge you feel on the first application. Only downside is I blend the Irish & Warm Tea colors to get the natural shade that I need.

    Question. Know any good non-comedogenic, oil-controlling loose powder for setting that's available in any department store? Thanks!

  8. "I'm a guy with a skin that pumps more oil than Saudi & dark eye circles that put Edward Cullen's to shame"
    This totally cracked me up! Hahahaha! You're so funny! :)) Anyway, I agree, I love the cool tinge that this concealer gives, too. For loose powder, you should try their loose powder. Fashion 21 Loose Powder. It's my favorite from the local brands. :)

  9. Hi! Great review! Which is better, btw, the fashion21 stick or sansan concealer?
    Would appreciate your anticipated reply!

    18-year-old makeup enthusiast

    1. Hi Andrea! Thank you for reading my blog! :) The answer to your question is Fashion 21 Stick Concealer because it has a matte finish so it works better on my oily/combination skin rather than the San San concealer which is creamier in texture. :)

  10. hi sis!! maganda talaga ang fashion 21. very blendable. and i get the right coverage. ask ko lang.. ano ginagamit mo na setting powder for this??? salamat sis

    1. Iba iba sis but usually, I used the Fashion 21 Two Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers :)

  11. Hi ate bing! Pwede po malaman kung anong lipstick ang gamit nyo dito? Di nyo rin ba niretouch? Kasi it seemed like a lip tint din eh.. I love watching you on you tube. Ang daldal nyo po.. Hahaha

    1. Hahaha! Sorry madaldal talaga ako. :D Anyway, yes it's a lip stain/tint. It's the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten. Walang retouch yan, nagtatagal talaga. :) Thank you for watching my videos! :)

  12. Hi there,
    Is this a concealer only or can be use as a foundation?