Friday, July 26, 2013

Cosmetic Organizers na Kering Keri!

Ms. Eunice, the owner of Kering Keri Store must have noticed my unorganized makeup stuff when she watched my Updated Makeup Collection so she kindly gifted me two cosmetic organizers! Haha! I received her message last week saying that she watched my video and she's willing to give me organizers for my makeup. I was a happy girl when I read her message because I'm in dire need of organizers for my growing makeup collection and everything's just everywhere on my vanity tables. It's the perfect timing and Ms. Eunice's message is definitely a blessing in disguise! :)

When I gave her my shipping details, she was surprised to know that I live not too far away from their home so we decided to just meet up at the nearest McDonald's branch from our houses. Meeting her was so much fun and I truly enjoyed her company, as well as her sister's! Thank you girls for being so nice and for the kwentohan! Hahaha! :)

The package that she gave me, I must say, is the most presentable package that I've ever received. It was just neatly and nicely wrapped with a vibrant yellow wrapper with pink bow tie! It's just so cute and very flattering, too! Thank you so much, Ms. Eunice, for taking the time to wrap it pa in such a cute way! Hihi! <3 p="">

These are the two organizers that I received:

* 24 Slots Lipstick Organizer - Php 230.00
* Cosmetic Box All in One - (price not available)
> brush and comb holders
> hair dryer hanger
> rings and necklaces container
> lipstick and face color holders

O 'di ba? Kering keri talaga ang presyo! I love both of these but the Cosmetic Box is just the bomb! I put all of my major and everyday brushes in there as well as my everyday makeup stuff, brow tools and essentials, and my contact lenses. :) It's definitely a space saver!

I now have two lipstick holders (I won the other one last November) and my vanity tables look better and more organized than before. However, still not spacious enough! >.< Oh well, Kering Keri Store is absolutely a big help for me! Thank you so much, Ms. Eunice once again! :)

Don't forget to visit their sites to check out their other organizers and the makeups that they sell for affordable prices! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. OMG! I love these acrylic sets. I loooove the all-in-one and I actually have a similar one but the design is sort of.... eight brush boxes surrounding a fliptop drawer in the middle :P I like this one better :P

    1. I think I'd like your organizer, too! Where did you get it? Visit to see all of their offered organizers. :)