Wednesday, August 28, 2013

♥ Korean Haul (Eyelash Adhesives, Double Eyelid Tools and, more!) ♥

During my Meet and Greet last August 3, the owner of MyrSkin, Ms. Myra, handed me a bunch of Korean cosmetics. Most of them are eyelash adhesives. I was supposed to give away some of it during the event but there were too many prizes already so I just decided to give it away on other events. I might include this on my 3K+ subscribers giveaway which I will announce soon! *wink*

I will keep some of it and I will give away a few of these Korean cosmetics. :) So, what are those things that I'm talking about? Read further.

1. Darkness Eyelash Adhesive
- comes in a squeezable tube with applicator stick

2. Darkness Eyelash Glue and Gel
- another eyelash glue with applicator stick. Reminds me of the Nichido eyelash adhesive but this is way bigger

3. Darkness Eyelashes Whole Aspect Adhesives (Premium Eyelash Glue and Gel)
- another eyelash adhesive, same as the Darkness Eyelash Glue and Gel on number 2. However, this is from their premium line so I think it is more heavy duty. It also comes in a tube which is stored in a black pouch. This eyelash adhesive is black unlike the other eyelash adhesives which are just transparent.

4. Darkness Double Eyelid Whole Aspect Adhesives (Premium Eyelash Glue and Gel)
- I was a little confused with this product because it says on the box that it's a double eyelid adhesive but it also says Premium Eyelash Glue and Gel. It also looks the same as the Darkness Eyelash Whole Aspect Adhesives, even the packaging. They just differ in color because the eyelash whole aspect adhesive is in black while this one is white. Also, it comes in a silver box with a maroon pouch. Hmm... I think this is also for your falsies because that's what it says on the instruction at the back or maybe both functions? Oh, well! :-D

5. Blue Magic Oil Control Film
- Hope it works great!

6. Secret Magic Double Sided Tape
- This is for those who have monolids/Asian eyes. I actually don't know how to use it and I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing them.

6. Préta Compact Powder
- This powder broke my heart! I was so excited pa naman about this product but when I opened it, it was broken! :-( I didn't know what happened. The powder's texture is very silky and the upper part looks like a highlighter. The shade is a tad lighter than my skin color so I think this would be perfect to use as a highlighter for me. Still sad about what happened to it. It looks really pretty pa naman! *sigh*

Stay tuned for my review of these Korean products and of course, for my upcoming giveaway! Giveaway na naman??? YES! :)

Thank you, Ms. Myra!

Please visit MyrSkin on Facebook for more info about their products and you can also find them at PureBeauty stores.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Hey, you can use alcohol to pressed the powder again. it will look and feel as good as new. check link to know how


    1. Yes, I've learned that before, too and I might fix this powder soon. Thanks for the suggestion! :)