Thursday, August 22, 2013

Leopard Print Lip Art | First Ever Lip Art!

Lately, I've been watching a lot of professionaldq's nail art videos with my sister and nieces at home. The typhoon Maring caused huge destruction here in the Philippines and the weather was absolutely insane leaving every city Mayors no choice but to suspend classes. I don't want to talk about the pain and the damage the typhoon brought to our beautiful country so I'm just going to continue my story.

As I was saying, we've been watching a lot of nail art videos by Beth of professionaldq in YouTube and we were just amazed in every nail designs that she created. She is absolutely amazing and I think her crazy humor is what also made us fall in love with her. I got so inspired and I wished I have her beautiful, big nails. Unfortunately, I'm not good in doing my nails. I suck even at applying a coat of nail polish. Sometimes, I succeed in doing something artistic on my nails but I usually end up doing just my left hand because I can't do my nails on my right hand using my non-dominant hand! Garsh! Beth is just awesome! :)

Since I can't recreate her art on my own nails, I thought, why not try it my way! I love makeup. I love art.  love creative looks. And boom goes the dynamite! I decided to do my very first lip art! I chose to do a very basic design because I was still testing myself if I can do art on my lips since it was just my first time. I did leopard prints with colors gold, black and brown. The leopard print is pretty common in lip tattoos and nail arts but I wasn't really that interested about it until I watched Beth of professionaldq!

Okay, enough mumbling! I present to you my very first lip art!!! :)

Oh, you don't think that's me, do ya? Okay, here you go:

Hahaha! As you can see, I have no makeup on. I have nothing but the leopard print on my lips! I did this very randomly. I got inspired and it was just one of those moments when I wanted to do something and I should do it right away! I was actually just watching my favorite TV series, How I Met Your Mother, that time when I remembered Beth's nail arts and I just suddenly felt the eagerness to recreate it using my makeup. I HAVE TO DO IT! NOW NA!!! :-D So, I quickly sat in front of the mirror and start doing the magic tricks and voila! :)

To achieve this lip art, I used a very sheer white lip cream as my base. Then, I applied gold eye shadow all over my lips, trying to have a very crisp edge. To create the leopard prints, I used a black liquid eyeliner and a brown liquid eyeliner to fill in the prints. And that's it! Oh, I also used a foundation/concealer to clean the edges so that the shape of my lips would really stand out.

Modesty aside, I am more than satisfied with the result! At first, I was thinking, maybe people wouldn't appreciate it that much but I knew I nailed it when my friend asked me where did I buy that "lip tattoo". Hahaha! Thank yooooooou! I'll take that as a compliment! ;-)

Thank you so much to Beth of professionaldq for inspiring me! She even commented on my post on IG! Yipppeeee (fan girl moment)!!! You guys should watch her nail art videos. She's amazing! I just wish my lips is big enough to recreate her epic unicorn stories and psychedelic pianos! :)

Sooooooooooo, what do you think about my first lip art? It's my first time and I know I still have to practice more. Though, I'm telling ya, this leopard print art is very easy to do! It's actually a no-brainer. Trust me! :) I hope you can suggest what other lip arts you want to see next. Oh, I am just so happy that my creative senses are back on track! Can't wait for my next lip art! :)

I actually have a new makeup series entitled Disney Princesses and their Villains. Click here to see the first part. Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)