Wednesday, August 21, 2013

♥ My First Ever Meet and Greet! ♥

Photo credits to Glory of New York Philippines | Mree and Jackie Manzano

A few of my friends and followers kept on suggesting for me to do my own meet and greet. I was hesitant at first because I thought I'm not really in "that" place yet to hold a meet and greet. Nakakahiya! Haha! And also, I thought no one would attend! But then I met awesome friends and people months ago and they pushed me to create my very first event, my very first meet and greet. Thank you so much for believing in me and for your trust in me that I can do it and I already have the "K" to do this. You all know who you are. :)

I actually planned to hold a free basic makeup workshop/meet and greet on October for my birthday celebration but those people who love me so much and believe in me said that I should do it IMMEDIATELY and just hold another event on my birthday! Haha! It was insane and awesome, at the same time! I felt really flattered and thankful. Long story short, I followed their advice and decided to hold my very first meet and greet ASAP.

One of the best things about this is that the event was sponsored by a lot of amazing brands and companies. It's just so cool! I'm very thankful for all of them, seriously! :) The primary sponsor of the event is Glory of New York Philippines. The event wouldn't be that big and special if not for their support. As their brand ambassador, I really feel blessed because they treat me in a very special way like I belong in their family and they always think of me and my career and help me out in almost everything in any possible way. So, thank you so much for your trust in me and for your love and support! Especially to my second Mother, Ms. Larissa. :)

Of course, the event wouldn't be complete and my guests wouldn't be that happy without my other 11 sponsors! Thank you all so much for your support to The Project Awesome! :)

My meet and greet happened last August 3, 2013 at the Bauhinia Tower Penthouse, Tivoli Garden Residences. I was originally planning to just have a maximum of 50 guests including friends and family but, modesty aside, on the very first day that I announced the details of my meet and greet, 25 people had already RSVP-ed! It's just so awesome! So, we decided to move into a bigger place so we can accommodate more people. Tivoli Garden Residences was the perfect place! :)

Before I show you the photos, I want to let you know that I wasn't really planning for a huge event complete with catering service and all! But God blessed me, hence, a big and successful event! :)

I really asked for colors orange, black, and white as my event's motif because those are the colors of my blog, as you can see. :)

Prizes were all displayed, including the prizes from my 20 GAMES/20 WINNERS gimmick on my Facebook page which was a part of my Meet and Greet party.

What's inside the bags? Here are some of the prizes from some of the sponsors. I wasn't able to take photos of the prizes from other sponsors, I'm really sorry. :-/

1. ELF Cosmetics from The Primp Pad

2. More ELF Cosmetics from Lipstick All U Can

3. Wet N Wild and Revlon Lipsticks from Stuff N' Shop

4. Mineral Eye shadows and coupon cards from Virginia Olsen Minerals

5. Loot bags filled with awesome cosmetics from Kering Keri Store

6. 40 bottles of perfumes in 4 different scents from BC Fragrance!

7. A mix of natural and synthetic blending brushes from Beauty Cosmetics

8. 20 tubes of Encara BB Cream and tons of sachets of Cara Air Fit BB Cream from MyrSkin!

9. 2 awesome palettes from Props Tools and Cosmetics

PhytoPharma also sponsored three bags of their healthy products and A LOT of free heart check-up gift certificates! It was insane but I wasn't able to take photos anymore because of lack of time. Sorry! :-( Of course, tons and tons of Glory of New York products and Iris cosmetics from Queen B. :)

I started the program with a little bit of introduction of myself and history of my blogging/vlogging career. I was so happy when I entered the venue because they were all staring at me with excitement and joy in their eyes! I felt so happy and nervous at the same time! Very overwhelming! ^_^

After our little chit-chat, I shared with them my skin care regimen and gave them a few tips and tricks on how to take care of skin. I even tackled about the basic makeup brushes which they say is really helpful and it was actually super nice because I get to share with them some product recommendations and advice about makeup brushes.

After that, and to pause from talking and talking in front (haha), we took a break and let everyone eat their meals first. The food were delicious, by the way! AWESOME!

While resting our filled tummies, I decided to visit their tables to ask how they are doing which is so much fun because I got the chance to talk to them and see them in a closer view! I enjoyed talking to my subbies! They are all very nice and just fun to be around!

After enjoying delicious foods, we had the first game! Oh! It was amazing and so much fun! I will never ever forget that day!!!

To keep the suspense of the other games, I continued the program and started the highlight of the event first - the basic makeup demo. Thanks to my classmate, Ruth, for being my model! :)

The makeup workshop took most of the time of the whole event because I kept on talking and talking in front as I do the makeup demonstration! I apologize for that but at least I got to share with them my knowledge about makeup. Kulang pa nga e! Hehe! Anyway, I think it's okay because after that, we continued the games and giveaways!!! Yey!!!

Oh, everybody had so much fun, I can tell! Haha! The games were super fun and prizes were just overflowing that we already ran out of games to play! No one went home empty-handed. Thanks to the awesome sponsors for making my subbies super happy! Hahaha!

Other than that, I realized that one of the best things that happened during my very first meet and greet is the fact that new friendships were born. Most of my guests came there not knowing anybody else but at the end of the day, they were all already friends! Isn't that sweet? I couldn't be any happier for that! Finding new friends is so cool! :)

What I've written here is just a minute part of the event. I could tell you everything that happened but it would take me forever to finish typing. Hehe! If you want to see more happenings during my meet and greet, watch my vlog about it:

I want to thank everyone for making this event possible! To my subscribers, friends, family, and all the sponsors! That day is absolutely one of the best days of my life and the highlight, so far, of my 2013! You have no idea how happy I was, and frankly, I am still happy about it whenever I remember that very special and awesome day with all of you!!!

With THE Joyce Sola of Candyloveart!!!!! Thanks for the support, sis!!! :)

To my awesome subscribers and followers, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your undying love and support for me, for my blog and for my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for your appreciation in my works and everything! Thanks for sharing that very special day with me. This event wouldn't happen without you! A meet and greet is not necessary without the amazing followers so thank you so much x infinity!!! I can't thank you enough! It's just surreal! I hope you'll continue to watch my videos, read my posts, support me and join me as I continue my journey. Thanks for being there especially to my loyal readers and subscribers. YOU'RE ALL AWESOME AND BLESSED! :)

I hope to see you all again on my future events! I LOVE YOU, GUYS!!!

P.S. Thanks to my sisters Joyce, Raych, Gina, and Lean for your gifts! I'll be posting a separate haul from this event soon. ;-)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Photo credits to Glory of New York Philippines | Mree and Jackie Manzano


  1. Congratulations for the very successful meet and greet sis! Your makeup demo is the best we've learned a lot kaya keri lang kung natagalan. Thank you din for all the freebies we got from your generous sponsors plus the delicious lunch we had. We will always support and love you sissy.Keep on inspiring us! :*

    1. Yiiiiiiiiih! Thank you, sis Gina! :) Thank you so much for coming and for the undying support! Love you!!! <3 <3 <3