Friday, September 20, 2013

Local Products I Recommend

Hi everyone!

Last week, I've uploaded a 2-part video featuring my recommended products from our local brands here in the Philippines. The reason why I decided to share those products is because I think we have tons of good-quality local products that need to be recognized more. From foundations, to powders to lipsticks --- there are awesome products from our local brands such as Fashion 21, Ever Bilena, FS Cosmetics and more.

The video was divided into two because it took me about 26 minutes to finish talking about my recommended local products! The first part is all about foundations, concealers, powders, and blushes.


1. San San Matte Liquid Foundation
     - I love this product because it provides a good coverage and has a smooth finish but it won't require you to spend a lot since it only costs PhP140.00! It comes in 4 different shades and it's available in all HBC outlets.

2. Ever Bilena Whitening BB Cream

     - This may not suit all skin colors because it's only available in one shade but I recommend this to those who have light skin colors like me. I love its coverage and how it makes my face look flawless. I always get compliment every time I use this and they get surprised all the time to find out that it's from our local brand. This BB cream is too yellowish though so be careful in using and blending it out. This is for only PhP198.00. For more info, watch my review here.


1. Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil

     - This concealer stick from Fashion 21 is also available in their regular form, the one without tea tree oil , but I chose this one mainly because of its texture. It glides on smoothly and it has a cream to powder finish so it is definitely perfect for my oily-combination skin. It works well on people with really oily skin, too. It has a light to medium coverage so it's perfect for everyday use as well plus it's very convenient to use since it's in a stick form. Only PhP195.00 from Fashion 21 counters at all leading department stores nationwide. Read my review here.

2. San San Concealer
     - This creamy concealer works for all skin types. It is creamy but it doesn't crease as much as the other local concealers (based on personal experience). It provides medium to full coverage and it's really affordable for only PhP110.00!


1. Fashion 21 Loose Powder
    - This powder provides amazing coverage! The powder is finely milled so it gives a very flawless and smooth finish. What I also love about this product is its powder puff because it's not like other powder puffs and sponges that you can't even use. The powder puff that comes with this powder is very sturdy and helps in a fuller and smoother application. This is for only PhP150.00 and can already last you for years!!!

2. Fashion 21 Two Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers

     - This is my most favorite pressed powders among all the powders from our local brands! The texture is very silky and smooth and it stays on for long hours, too. Fashion 21 Two Way Cakes are available in 4 different variants and if you want to know more about it, click here for my review. :)

3. FS Cosmetics Two Way Cakes

     - The FS Cosmetics two way cakes also provide good coverage but I like the texture of the Fashion 21 Two Way Cakes better because they are silkier and more affordable. However, FS cosmetics offers a wider range of shades of their powders and they even have shades that you can use for contouring which are the shades Rajah and Fantasia. I have collected all of the shades and they are a big help especially on my makeup gigs. Review here.


1. Ever Bilena Single Blush-On and Cheek Blush
     - What I love about the Ever Bilena blushes is that they are available in tons of different shades from light pinks to deep berry shades to brown shades. The texture is not chalky unlike other local blushes and they stay on for long hours, too.

2. Careline Oil-Control Single Blush-On
     - Perfect for makeup beginners, especially for teenagers because the coverage is sheer. It just adds a hint of color and life on your face plus it's definitely budget-friendly for only PhP85.00!

3. Shawill Collagen Rosy Touch Blusher

     - The reason why I love this blush is because of its smooth and silky texture. I love how it looks really matte but gives you this healthy glow on your skin! This is for only PhP65.00. Read my review here.

Okay, let's now move on to the second part of the video wherein I featured different eyeliners, eye shadows, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks, and a few makeup tools.


1. San San Age Defense Liquid Eyeliner
     - I have tried different local liquid eyeliners but this is my most favorite because the applicator is more sturdy, good color payoff, waterproof, smudgeproof, and it doesn't rubberize unlike other annoying liquid eyeliners.

2. FS Cosmetics Felt Tip Liner
     - I have really oily lids that's why I always stick with liquid dip eyeliners. The FS cosmetics Felt Tip Liner is one of my favorites because even though it comes in a pen form, it doesn't really transfer on my lids and it doesn't smudge plus the color payoff is commendable.

3. Shawill Pretty Color Eyeliner
    - If you're looking for good quality yet affordable colored liners, visit Shawill counters and check out their Pretty Color eyeliners! Available in different beautiful shades and they also have glitter liners for only PhP98.00!


1. Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
     - This is one of the best eye pencils that I've tried from our local brands because it is very pigmented and doesn't smudge as much as the other cheap eyeliners.

2. Fashion 21 Defining Eyeliner in Black
     - Like the Nichido pencil, this also has good color payoff and doesn't smudge as much as the other liners. I love the Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil but I love this more because it's retractable so it's more convenient to use.

3. Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Black
     - I forgot to feature this in the video but I highly recommend this eye pencil, too because the color is really jet black and glides on very smoothly but doesn't smudge as much as the other cheap liners, too.


1. Fashion 21 Color Set
     - I highly recommend this makeup palette to beginners, new makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts because it contains a lot of different shades already from white to black to browns to primary colors to secondary and so on! Haha! The texture is good, not powdery nor chalky. Most of the shades are pigmented but some are too sheer, though. This is for only PhP399.00! Not bad for makeup beginners!

2. San San Age Defense Trio Eyeshadow
     - I absolutely love these cream eyeshadows from San San because they are very pigmented and serve as a good eye makeup base. They can crease though since they are creamy so be extra careful in using them and make sure to use a primer. Read my review here.

3. Shawill 12 Color Cream Eyeshadow Palette
     - This palette is one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes from the local brands because they are cream eyeshadow with powder finish. They are all metallic and shimmery, perfect for glamorous makeup looks!

4. Fashion 21 Roll N Dazzle Glitter Eyeshadow in Pink Diamond

     - I bought this shade because I love its two-toned effect. It is a pink eyeshadow with gold flexes in it. Yes, this is an eye shadow but I rarely use it on my eyes anymore ever since I discovered that it can be a really great highlighter on your cheeks! To know more about my favorite local highlighter, click here.


1. Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara
     - One of the best mascaras that I've tried EVER! May it be from the local brands or from foreign brands. This is definitely one of the bests! It does a good job in separating and lengthening my eyelashes. Read my review here to know more about it.


1. Ever Bilena Ever Original Eyebrow Pencil
     - One of the first eyebrow pencils that I've used when I was just beginning to learn makeup and until now, it's still one of my favorite local eyebrow pencils. It stays on for long hours and it's not waxy unlike other eyebrow pencils that already looks super fake when you use them.

2. Ever Bilena Advance HD Eyebrow Pencil
     - I like its consistency because it's very blendable.

3. San San Eyebrow Pencil
     - The texture is comparable to the Ever Bilena eyebrow pencils but another thing why I love this is because of the sharpener that comes with it because it works! Hindi siya mapurol. Yes, small things do count! :)


1. Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks
     - One of the local brands that carries awesome lipsticks is Ever Bilena and my favorite lipstick from them is their matte lipstick! Amazing pigmentation and they offer a wide range of shades from pinks to oranges to reds to browns!

2. Ever Bilena Famous Lipstick in Watermelon
     - I'm not a big fan of the Ever Bilena lipstick line called Famous but I'm a big fan of their shade Watermelon from the mentioned lipstick line. I love its coral shade and it's perfect for daytime looks an everyday looks.

3. Fashion 21 Lipsticks
     - The only lipstick from Fashion 21 is from their lipstick line, Red Romance, in the shade Heartthrob but if you're looking for affordable with good quality lipsticks, visit Fashion 21 counters because they offer awesome lipsticks in different shades. I always test their lipstick whenever I visit their counters and I am impressed with the pigmentation of their lipsticks and their texture plus they are all very affordable! The Red Romance lipstick in Heartthrob is one of my favorite red lipsticks, by the way.

4. M&Co. Lipsticks
     - Now, here is a brand that is not yet common to a lot of people. M&Co. is a local brand that offers a variety of cosmetics from foundations to powders to lipsticks. They also have almost everything. One of their famous products is their lipstick. I am amazed with the color payoff of their lipsticks and they also offer a lot of different shades. I have recently fell in love with their matte lipstick in the shade Scarlet which is what I was wearing in the video.


1. FS Cosmetics Eyelash Curler
     - They say this is a dupe for the famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler and I somehow agree with that because I have already tried that eyelash curler from the said high-end brand. I've been using this eyelash curler for almost 3 years now and until now, it's still working and it was only this year that I decided to change its pad. Isn't it awesome? This is for only PhP125.00!

2. M&Co. Eyelash Curler
   - I just discovered this recently and I am already recommending it because it's as good as the FS Cosmetics eyelash curler but it's cheaper for only PhP99.00 and it already comes with 2 extra pads.

3. Nichido Eyelash Adhesive
     - One of the best eyelash adhesives that I've tried and one of the most affordable. You can be sure that your falsies won't fall down or move from your lashes when you use this lash glue. This is for only PhP60.00.

4. HBC Essentials False Eyelashes
     - I'm amazed how these falsies look so natural yet they only cost PhP20.75 per pair! The band is really thin so you can barely notice is sitting on top of your natural eyelashes!

There you have it, dears! The products that I recommend from our local brands. So, you see, we don't really HAVE to spend a lot in beautifying ourselves. Yes, we may want to splurge at times but we don't really NEED to do that. Just visit the nearest mall and check out our local brands and you will surely find tons of amazing products with high-end quality and things that you can be really proud of as a Filipino! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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