Saturday, September 21, 2013

Huge AVON Haul

This post is way long overdue but I decided to still blog about it because it's worth raving (and bragging) for. Hihi! Last month, I won the Avon You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge along with 19 other fellow beauty bloggers and now, we are already part of the Avon Makeup Council. Yey!!! You can read all about my Avon story here. :)

So, this haul post will have two parts. Let's start first with the products that I received for our Avon final challenge entry. Here are the products that I got and FYI, we didn't get the chance to pick the products of our own choice. They just had us randomly pick a loot bag and we didn't have any idea what's inside. So here's mine:

1. Avon Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation in Natural Beige (P515.00)
     - I didn't get to use this in my entry because the powder is darker than my skin color and it's a bit pinkish, too but I think the texture is silky and very fine.

2. Avon Glimmersticks Brow Definer in Soft Black (P250.00)
     - Like the dual powder, I also didn't use this in my final look because it's in black and I have hazel blonde hair so I thought I would look a little funny. But I like that it's retractable and has good pigmentation.

3. Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Blackest Black (P250.00)
     - I used this liner for my entry to create that sexy smokey look and I love its texture because it glides on smoothly and has good color payoff as well.

4. Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate Sensation (P449.00)

     - Now, I thought this is one of the best palettes that I've seen! I love every shades and the pigmentation of the eye shadows are commendable. The palette is a mix of satin, metallic, and matte eye shadows. I was actually really happy when I found out that this is the palette that I got for my final challenge entry! :)

5. Avon Supershock Max Mascara (P420.00)

     - I don't know about you but I actually love its fat and thick wand! What's interesting is that, even though the wand is huge, the bristles are short and tiny so it does a good job in separating my eyelashes and adding more volume. Love it!

6. Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Rose Luster (P370.00)

     - This blush is really pigmented but to be honest, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

7. Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks in Knockout Pink and Hibiscus (P379.00)

     - Of course, my favorite part of this haul --- the lipsticks!!! We all got 2 tubes of lipsticks and what I got are the shades Knockout Pink (left) and Hibiscus (right). I like the shade Hibiscus better but I chose Knockout Pink for my entry because it matches my sultry look much better. :)

8. Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Mauve Movement (P299.00)

     - I'm not a big fan of lip glosses and the only lip glosses that I love are the ones from Careline, NYX and Glory of New York and after trying out this Ultra Glazewear lip gloss, I guess you can also include Avon in the list. *wink*

These are all the stuff that I got for the final challenge entry and if you want to see the look that I came up with using these makeups, watch this video:

Since we won the Avon You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge, we were given the chance to join the makeup workshop with Ms. Lauren Andersen, Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist!!! It was such an honor to be in that makeup workshop. We learned a lot from the gorgeous and very talented Lauren.

Ms. Lauren Andersen answering questions and giving extra tips and tricks.

With the beautiful and gorgeous Lauren Andersen! :)

Yey! I got my certificate! :)

This was our table. Actually, there should be only two persons per table that's why only two sets of makeup were arranged. Since I was late, I had to join my fellow beauty bloggers who were already seated and they were Clar and Say! The makeup goodies on the table were meant to be used for the makeup workshop and then after that, we had the privilege to take home the products! Since I was not really supposed to be seated on Clar and Say's table, Ms. Mara of Avon Philippines just gave me the products from their own table. :)

These are the stuff that I got!

I know, that's a lot!!! Yey!!!

1. Avon Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation in Natural Beige (P515.00)

     - Yep, I got another one of this.

2. Avon Ideal Luminous Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation (P499.00)

3. Avon Ideal White Liquid Foundation in Beige Ochre (P395.00)

4. Avon Ideal White Pressed Powder in Natural (P395.00)

5. Avon Skin Goodness BB Cream in Nude (P399.00)

6. Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads in Vibrant Spice and Purple Pop (P449.00)
     - More eyeshadow palettes!!!

7. Avon Supershock Max Mascara (P420.00)
     - More mascaras!!! :)

8. Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Glosses in Mauve Movement and Pink Watermelon (P299.00)
     - More lip gloss!!! :)

9. Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks in Dream Fuchsia, Lava Love, and Crush (P379.00)
     - and MORE LIPSTICKS!!! :-D

THAT'S IT! Thank you so much to Avon Philippines for choosing me to be a member of the Avon Makeup Council and again, congratulations to my fellow beauty bloggers who also got in! I can't wait for our next tasks! :)

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Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Really HUGE haul! Those lipsticks, ang gaganda! Looking forward to your reviews. :)

  2. Avon has such colorful stuff, I love it!

  3. Hi Ate Bing! Hope you'll have a blog sale! You have so much makeup stuffs! :) More powers!