Friday, October 18, 2013

Fake Cuts and Wounds

Whenever I want to do something so bad, I will surely do it as soon as possible. A few days ago, I was just lying on the sofa in my bedroom like I don't have a care in the world as I was browsing the internet when I thought of what to do for my Halloween special videos. I don't know why but I thought of how to do a fake lip cut. Yung parang pumutok ang nguso mo sa pagkakabugbog. So, I searched a few tutorials on YouTube and after watching a couple of awesome tutorials, I immediately got up from the sofa and went straight on my makeup station. I followed what I've just learned and VOILA! Here's what I did. This is my very first attempt in doing a fake lip cut.

I didn't film a tutorial for this yet since I was just practicing but to be honest and modesty aside, I'm proud of myself because I thought it was already pretty believable. I even added some bruises so that it would look like I was really beaten up so badly. Hahaha! After doing this lip cut effect, I quickly ran upstairs to show it to everyone and then I fooled my Mother that I tripped at the staircase. She was shouting at me hysterically because she thought I really cut my lips and injured myself. Hahaha! Namura pa tuloy ako! Hahaha! I even fooled my sister-in-law and some of my nieces that it's a real wound. They didn't know what to feel, if they're going to hate me because they thought I was joking but at the same time, they also thought that I was telling the truth because I wasn't laughing the whole time and I was acting really good. My sisters were also quite the best supporting actresses. Hahaha! They were just relieved and hated me even more when I finally rinsed off the makeup. Hehe!

I did not only fool my family but I also did fool some of my Facebook friends. I was actually surprised with the people's reaction when I posted a photo on Facebook. I was touched because they were worried. Hahaha! I'm so bad! They said that they hope that it's just makeup and art. Some were so shocked that they really thought it's real. It's freaking insane because I was so happy to know that what I did was really believable. Hehehe! Thank you everyone!!!

Tonight, I was bored to death. I was watching different zombie makeup tutorials on YouTube because I have a makeup gig on Sunday for a short zombie film. Remember when I told you that when I want to do something, I will do it ASAP? Well, that's what happened tonight - again! I was so amazed with what I've watched on YouTube that I wanted to recreate the fake wounds right away so I went down to my makeup station and picked up the things that I'd be needing. I decided to just do a couple of wounds on my hands and ta-dah!!!

This wasn't my first time to do prosthetic makeup but it's been sooooooooooo long since I last did it so I really need to practice more and more again. This time, I wasn't that proud of myself. I think these fake wounds are just okay. I gotta practice more.

If you're wondering what are the things that I used on these fake wounds, well...

To do the prosthetic wounds, I only used lash glues, tissue and cotton pads. I don't have latex and other prosthetic tools yet so I gotta work with what I have at the moment. So, there's my lip colors, concealers and art brushes to the rescue! Hehehe!

Once I've perfected or once I'm already satisfied with the results of my prosthetic makeup, I will do tutorials especially Halloween is just around the corner. As for the fake lip cut, I will do a tutorial for that ASAP. :)

If you have any tips on how to make this more perfect without the use of professional prosthetic tools, please let me know. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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