Saturday, November 23, 2013


One of the most difficult things in a makeup artist or a makeup junkie's life is cleaning their makeup brushes! It takes so much time and energy, including the cleaning, rinsing and drying part! It's a total pain in the butt! I usually spend 2-3 hours everytime I clean all of my makeup brushes. I tried different methods and different soap mixtures. I don't use fancy brush cleaners. I just use what's affordable that could clean my makeup brushes but wouldn't destroy the quality. I've tried shampoo, dishwashing soaps, and bar soaps. Shampoo is okay but it cannot completely remove the stubborn waterproof makeups from the brushes (i.e. foundation, eye pencils, lipsticks). Dishwashing liquid soaps and pastes are awesome in removing waterproof makeups but it can leave the bristles of the brushes coarse. So, what I do is, after cleaning my makeup brushes using a mixture if dishwashing liquid plus water, I soak the bristles in a mixture of water and fabric conditioner BUT NOT FOR LONG. I let them soak there for about a minute then I will immediately rinse it again then dry the bristles. A few months ago, I watched xteeener's video about cleaning her makeup brushes. I learned from her that you can add baking soda on your soap mixture to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes since it is an awesome cleaning agent. So since then up to this day, my soap mixture is composed of water, dishwashing liquid and baking soda. Then I still soak my brushes in water with fabric conditioner to keep the bristles soft (and fragrant, too)! :)

I don't know about you but in cleaning makeup brushes, two of the hardest parts are removing waterproof makeup and rinsing them. Some brushes just take too long before they are completely soap-free and there are times that I'm almost losing patience! Not to mention my hands and arms getting sore and numb and my skin wrinkles already from being wet for too long. I saw the Sigma glove cleaner and I am really upset of how expensive it is! It's insane! Thank God, I found secretlifeofabionerd who is amazing when it comes to DIYs! She did a very clever way in making a DIY brush cleaner dupe of the Sigma glove brush cleaner. Click here to watch the video.

Because I was amazed with her DIY brush cleaner, I tried to do it myself but I used a tupperware instead of a plastic clipboard. Like what secretlifeofabionerd did, I also drew squiggly lines on my base using a glue gun in different sizes and patterns AND VOILA!!!

Ever since I made this DIY brush cleaner, cleaning my makeup brushes became waaaaaaaaay easier! The textured lines really help clean my makeup brushes thoroughly and rinse them faster! It's so awesome, you should try it, too! :)

When it comes to drying my brushes, I just lay them all on a towel placed on a flat surface. I don't really mind anymore if they are not elevated since I pre-dry them anyway. However, I still elevate or place upside down those big brushes with tightly packed bristles so that they will dry faster. I hope you're getting what I'm saying. Hahaha!

Hope this helps! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Thanks for this post. I also used dishwashing liquid as when cleaning my brushes but I add olive oil. I like the idea of adding fab con and will do it the next time I clean my brushes. With regards to sigma gloves, I think I found similar rubber gloves that is being sold on SM dept. store dun sa kitchenwares section :)

    1. Ah, yeah! I saw that gloves too but I decided to just try the DIY brush cleaner instead of buying the 200+ peso gloves. Oh! The kuripot in me! Hahaha! :)