Thursday, April 10, 2014

New App: 2Sides2Me + GIVEAWAY

One of the jobs of a beauty blogger is to review different beauty products like foundation, powder, lipsticks, and as well as skin care items. It is very significant to provide before and after photos of using a certain product to support our testimonials. We merge the before photo to the after photo so that the viewers or readers can easily see the difference. Of course, editing photos takes a little time so when I heard about this new app, the very first thing that came to mind is that this will be very helpful in presenting photo results.

2Sides2Me is a new photo app for taking two different selfies and uploading it in one post. (Hello, selfie lords! Haha).  According to their website, 2Sides2Me allows fashionistas and beauty addicts to express their own uniqueness, using pictures in a totally brand new way!

2Sides2Me is available for both iPhone and Android users. All you have to do to use it is to download the app and register. You can even login with your Facebook account, that's actually how I registered.

How does it works?
Simply upload two selfies to show two sides of you. Once it's already posted, the photo you will see is the first one that you've selected. To see the second photo, hold down on the screen and it will reveal the second or the alternate photo. Take a look on my very first post.

When you hold down the screen, you will see the after-photo.

Pretty cool, huh? As a user/follower, you can like a friend's post and even leave comments. It kinda reminds me of Instagram. See that "up arrow" on the photos above, when you click that, you will see the menu options. There is an option where you can see your profile and even edit it and add info about yourself.

Geez, I only have 4 followers. I hope you'll try to use this new cool app and follow me, pretty please? Hahaha! Oh, before I forgot,  2Sides2Me is having a giveaway!

All you have to do to qualify is to simply download the app (It's free!), register, upload your best before and after picture and hashtag #beforeafterpics. That's it and you'll already have a chance to win MAC's Angel Lipstick and Gloss! Wowza!

Overall, I think this new app is pretty awesome. Definitely a big help for beauty bloggers and even for people out there who want to ask opinions about something like their dresses and makeup looks or really, any 2 things that you want to share with everybody! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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  1. You're really perfect on 2sides2me coz you're such a selfie bella! By the way I followed you Sis Bing! Hope you can follow back, mine is @rizanoia. Thank you! I'm looking forward to see more selfies from you on this app! :)