Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Skin Food/SaladBox Sparty + Sneak Peek of SaladBox's March Box

Hi everyone!

School's finally over and that means I have more free time for other stuff and more time for myself. I was planning to give myself a pampering treat and SaladBox's invitation was heaven sent! I was invited by Mr. Paul Dimafelix, the owner of SaladBox, to their Sparty with Skin Food. SaladBox partnered with Skin Food for their March 2014 box.

The sparty was held at Nail Cocktales Hand and Foot Spa at their Morato branch last March 29, 2014. I was actually late because I lost track of time that's why when I got there, the other invited beauty bloggers were already having their spa treatments. It's cool though because the demonstration/presentation had not started yet when I arrived.

I had my foot spa, pedicure, and manicure first! Thanks to SaladBox and to the Nail Cocktales staff for the awesome treatment. The staff were so friendly and very bubbly, too. All of the products that they used on us were from Skin Food. I love the Skin Food Shea Butter Body Emulsion that they used on my legs and feet because it's really moisturizing and left my skin feeling soft. If you don't want that greasy feeling, especially now that it's already Summer time here in the Philippines, Skin Food also have the Shea Butter Body Emulsion in a gel-type formula.

For my nails, they used Skin Food nail polishes as well. I picked the combination of Skin Food Nail Vita in BW705 which is basically a black nail polish, and the Skin Food Nail Vita Alpha in AGL08 which is, by far, the best glitter nail polish I've ever used! Reviewing it soon.

I love it because even though these are just regular nail polishes, it gave my nails that galaxy-like look. :)

After our amazing spa treatments, the presentation by Skin Food team commenced. It was lead by Ms. Beth Reyes, Skin Food's events and sales coordinator, and Mr. Angel de Vega, Supervisor of Skin Food Robinson's Ermita.

They presented Skin Food's newest skin care line which is the Skin Food Black Pomegranate. According to Skin Food, this line is a skin-voluming line that contains black pomegranate and hyaluronic acid. With the combination of these two ingredients, these products can help prolong skin aging and replenish skin's moisture. Here's the list of the products included in the Skin Food Black Pomegranate line:

1. Black Pomegranate Toner (180ml/P1,450.00)
- A lightweight toner that smoother and illuminates skin

2. Black Pomegranate Emulsion (150ml/P1,450.00)

3. Black Pomegranate Voluming Serum (50ml Ampoule + 0.3g powder/P1,835.00)
- A wrinkle-smoothing and skin-plumping serum that immediately replenishes skin's lost moisture for a smooth, supple appearance. Comes in an ampoule with separate powder so you can mix them just before use and enjoy the serum in a potent form.

4. Black Pomegranate Cream (50g/P1,675)
- A wrinkle-smoothing and skin-plumping cream that transforms rough skin into a glowing, supple texture

5. Black Pomegranate Filler (30ml/P1,600)
- A wrinkle-smoothing and skin-plumping filler that hydrates skin and fills lines and creases for a smoother appearance

They all used these Black Pomegranate products on the model, Karen. Ms. Beth demonstrated the skin care routine while Sir Angel gave Karen a daytime look makeover.

Here is Karen's final look. Beautiful, right? I should've taken Karen's before shot for you to see the difference. I forgot, err, sorry. :-(

Karen and Sir Angel

Of course, I vlogged the whole event so if you want to take a glimpse of what happened at the event, here's the video:

Oh, I just want to share with you a couple of Skin Food products that I might try soon.

Here's the Skin Food Queensbaking Choco Smoky Dual Brow which is an eyebrow mascara and an auto pencil in one! Hazel (of dressmeupbuttercup) and I loved it! I'll definitely give this a try.

Another product that we had our eyes on is Skin Food's gel eyeliner. Pigmentation is good and we love that it has a built-in eyeliner brush. Very convenient to use!

Before we left, of course we had to take a photo with Mr. Paul Dimafelix. :)

with Hazel, Karen, and Paul

We were given a very generous, loot, too! Thanks to SaladBox and Skin Food!

Inside the box are these Skin Food goodies and of course, the SaladBox March box!

Skin Food Premium Eye Kit, Skin Food Nail Vita, Skin Food Vita Tok Lip Gloss, and Skin Food Watery Berry Gift Set

Here's the SaladBox Special Edition Skin Food box:

The theme for March 2014 is Beauty Recipes

What's inside the box?

Four products from the Skin Food Black Pomegranate line

Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect First Serum + Cotton Pad

Skin Food Watery Berry Gift Set

I told you it was a generous loot! Thank you Mr. Paul Dimafelix for the invitation. :)

Don't forget to subscribe to SaladBox and receive your own boxes for only P500.00/month. I also encourage you to join as early as now because they are having a P333/month subscription promo but the slots are limited so hurry and subscribe at

Don't forget to follow SaladBox and Skin Food on Twitter and Instagram and like them on Facebook, too for updates.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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