Saturday, March 15, 2014

REVIEW: Artist Studio Makeup Brushes

One of the most asked questions to me ever since I started blogging and doing makeup tutorials is "What affordable makeup brushes can you recommend?". Well, I know many affordable makeup brushes but not all of them have great quality. The most affordable makeup brushes with commendable quality that I could ever think of and recommend are the brushes of Artist Studio.

I think I discovered these makeup brushes last 2012. I saw them at Landmark at Makati and Trinoma. Landmark offers affordable makeup brushes but this particular brand, in my opinion, has the best quality among those various makeup brushes.

Why do I love Artist Studio?

First of all, they are very affordable. The most expensive, if I'm not mistaken, is the Angled Flat Top which only costs Php 119.75! Second, the quality is just awesome. The bristles are so soft and there's no shedding and no bleeding at all. They are sturdy as well. I've had these makeup brushes for almost over a year now and they are all still in good condition. Another thing, the bristles are dense enough. A little flimsy compared to better-quality makeup brushes but still commendable, especially the Artist Studio Buffing Brush (angled flat top) and the Domed Crease Brush. These makeup brushes that I have are made of synthetic bristles, by the way. Artist Studio also offers makeup brushes with animal hair bristles (not sure what animal) but I like the synthetic ones better.

Artist Studio have different types of makeup brushes from foundation brushes to powder brushes to blush brushes to eyeshadow brushes to lip brushes but I just picked 5. Soon, I will complete the set. :) Here are the Artist Studio brushes that I have. They don't really have particular names for each brushes so I just named them myself. Hehe!

1. Artist Studio Angled Flat Top Brush / Buffing Brush (Php 119.75)
- This is definitely one of my ABSOLUTE favorite foundation brushes until now! The bristles are very soft and dense enough to buff any foundation onto the skin. It helps me achieve that flawless foundation finish. And since it is angled, it can reach the crevices and hard to reach areas on your face such as the side of your nose and under the eyes. How can you not love it? It performs great and it's so affordable!

2. Artist Studio Angled Blush/Bronzer Brush (Php 59.75)
- I think this is my first ever Artist Studio brush. I was looking for a good blush brush that time when I discovered the Artist Studio makeup brushes. I bought it  and I was just impressed with it when I used it. The bristles are quite flimsy but I still like it because that way, it can properly blend my blush or my bronzer. Oh, and once again, the bristles are just so soft!!!

3. Artist Studio Domed Crease Brush (Php 79.75)
- My favorite crease brush! The bristles are dense but soft. It is also just the right size to apply eyeshadow on the crease of the eyes. 

4. Artist Studio Angled Eyeshadow Brush (Php 49.75)
- I love using this brush in applying eyeshadow on the outer V of the eyes because it fits perfectly since it is angled. I also use this in highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.

5. Artist Studio Precise Eyeliner Brush (Php 39.75)
- Great in lining the eyes with gel/cream eyeliner but I usually use this in adding details when I do creative makeup looks. I love this precise eyeliner because unlike other precise eyeliners, this one retains its shape even after using. Hindi s'ya nabubuhaghag.

I will update you when I finally complete the set. I believe if you buy the complete set, you can get it for PhP 700.00+. Anyway, these 5 brushes that I have are enough for me to testify that the Artist Studio makeup brushes are awesome! I highly recommend these brushes to all makeup beginners (makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts) because they are very inexpensive yet they already have good quality. Definitely perfect to be part of your starter kit. Oh, and I think Artist Studio have newly released makeup brushes, the dual-ended ones with neon-colored bristles. :) Hope you'll give this a try!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Are this brushes available po sa watsons?

  2. I think I'm going to have to give this a chance. :( I purchased the artist studio duo-fiber stippling brush and got disappointed. I'm going to try and get the flat-top brush. :)

    Wonderful review! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this Wonderful review! I like all the brushes they all are different :)

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