Monday, June 9, 2014

Clean & Clear: Made for Teens

One of the best chapters of your life is your teenage years. It's the moment when you start learning new things, go through new adventures that are different from your imaginary adventures you used to dream of when you're still a kid, and it's also the time when you become conscious about yourself and pretty much everything. So, it is really important to have someone or something that will understand what you're going through. Being a teenager is so much fun but as you develop your consciousness, your body develops too and so you start experiencing some issues like pimples, blackheads, or oily skin.

It's a good thing that US # 1 teen skin care brand, Clean & Clear, understands this phase of your life so they created products that are especially made for teens! I remember when I was still in High School, my favorite facial wash and pressed powder are both from Clean & Clear. My friends and I were obsessed with their pressed powder! Oh, teen years! :)

Let me share with you the 5 teen-tastic reasons why Clean & Clear is certified #madeforteens!

1. #TeenSkinFriendly

Like what I've mentioned, during our teen years we discover and try stuff that are new to us. We become conscious and curious as well with different things. So, we usually use our Mom's, ate's, Tita's beauty stuff and sometimes we even get in trouble because a) it might won't work on our delicate skin and end up with skin problems and b) they might get mad at us for going through their kits and using their stuff! Hehe!

Clean & Clear uses a unique gel formula on their facial cleansers that effectively fights teen skin problems without drying your skin. Also, since they are gel cleansers, they are oil-free and perfect for our warm and humid weather here in the Philippines. If, however, the adults get mad at you for using their kikay stuff, eh, don't sweat it! I'm sure they'll still forgive you. :)

2. #SoftNSmooth

Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash has unique anti-bacterial ingredients that effectively fight your skin care scares (pimple, oil, and blackheads) while keeping your face #softnsmooth.

3. #Skinergizing

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Energizing Berry with bursting beads gives your tired skin a much-needed boost with its sweet scent and quirky #skinergizing beads.

4. #SkinSoBright

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Brightening Lemon with bursting beads that pops to reveal a lemony scent and make your #skinsobright and improve overall skin tone.

5. #MadeforTeens

Because it's made for you, teenagers, you can easily find Clean & Clear in top supermarkets and drugstores near you. It's affordable, too, so it definitely won't hurt your allowance! :)

Now, I'm letting my nieces use the Clean & Clear facial cleansers and they all love it! They said it leaves their skin supple and refreshed. Honestly, I'm using it too. Hey, why not? I'm still a teenager at heart, you know. Haha!

Don't forget to log on to which is a certified #madeforteens website where you can rant, rave, and get to know about all things teen.

For updates, promos, and other teen-tastic activities, visit Clean & Clear on Facebook,

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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