Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Product Review: LOL Bronzing Powder

Doesn't it irks you whenever you take a selfie and your face just looks flat and lifeless? Well, there's actually a solution for that --- BRONZER. Bronzers, if applied properly, can help give you that healthy, sun-kissed glow and can also give life to your face. It may also help make your face appear slim together with proper contouring. However, if applied improperly, it can make your face look muddy and just burnt!

There are a lot of good bronzers in the market but if you're looking for something that's on the cheaper side, you might want to check out LOL Cosmetics' Bronzing Powder.

Product Name: LOL Bronzing Powder
Price: P139.00
Available at: SM Department Stores / Watsons

The LOL Bronzing Powder comes in a plastic compact. The cover has a window which shows the actual color of the bronzer. The packaging is quite slim so you can easily slide it inside your makeup kit. If there's one thing that I wish they would change or add on their packaging is maybe... a mirror? But that's not really that big of a deal.

LOL Bronzing Powder is available in 2 shades. The lightest shade is called All Bronzed Up and the darkest is Brown Sugar and it's the shade that I have.

The texture is smooth and it has a matte finish. The coverage is actually light but it is buildable which is good because you can control if you just want to dust a little warmth on your face or if you really want to look like you just got back from the beach. Also, since the coverage isn't too heavy, it is very easy to blend.

I actually like using this for everyday looks just to add warmth on my face. I have used this in contouring my face a few times but it's just too warm and a wee bit orange-y. Just a quick tip, always choose a contouring powder with cool undertones because it will look more natural and it will give more depth. ;-)

Here's a photo of me with LOL Bronzing Powder on my face:

As you can see in the photo below, the color has a warm tone. I haven't contoured my face yet in this photo, by the way. I just used the bronzer.

Considering the price, the availability, and the performance, I would say that this is a great bronzer. You can use this as your actual blusher or you can just use it as your regular bronzer. It adds a healthy look on your face and can help avoid you from looking dull and flat on photos. Well, any bronzer can do that but what separates this from other bronzers is that it's really affordable yet the quality is commendable.

So, yes! I will definitely recommend this and and I will surely repurchase but I think this compact will last me even until 2015. Well, depending on how frequent I'm going to use it. Hehe!

Have you tried this bronzer already? What's your favorite bronzer? Share naman! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Product Review: Moonkini 10-Pc. Brush Set

One of the most important things in doing your makeup is a good set of makeup brushes. If my house caught fire (wag naman sana!) and I can only save one kind of makeup essentials/products and have to leave everything else behind, I'd choose my makeup brushes! Sure, it's going to cost me so much if I leave all of my makeups but I need my makeup tools more especially since my best brushes came from different sets and brands. I think it's going to be hard to recollect them again. But of course, I don't want to lose my makeup stash so I hope hindi naman kami masunugan ng bahay. Hahaha!

Anyway, a lot of you were asking what makeup brushes I can recommend for beginners. I know a couple of makeup brushes great for beginners but this set that I will feature is perfect for beginners who are also tight on budget.

Product Name: Moonkini 10-Pc. Brush Set
Price: P450.00
Available at: Pretty Angel Shoppe

Moonkini is a brand of brushes that I discovered early this year. They offer super affordable makeup brushes but the quality are surprisingly great! Unfortunately, Moonkini isn't available in malls but Pretty Angel Shoppe has them so, yay for that!

The set comes in a pink/white/black checkered print brush roll. I like it because it's not bulky so it's also perfect to bring with you when you travel. It won't occupy a large space in your bag.

The Moonkini 10-Pc. Brush Set consists a powder brush, angled blush brush, foundation brush, fan brush, large eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow brush, angled eyeliner brush, spoolie, smudger brush, and a lip brush.

The ferrules are metallic pink and the handles are made up of light pink plastic. Super girly! I bet a lot of you, girls, will really enjoy this!

Here's a closer look at the larger brushes from the set.

Powder brush - used in applying powder (both loose and pressed)
Angled Blush Brush - used in applying blush and in contouring the face
Foundation Brush - used in applying foundation (can also be used in applying concealer under the eyes)
Fan Brush - used in cleaning eyeshadow fall outs, applying blush, and contouring

Here are the eye makeup brushes and lip brush.

Large Shader Brush - used in applying eyeshadow on the lids
Eyeshadow Brush - used in applying eyeshadow, especially on more precise eye details
Angled Eyeliner - used in lining the eyes, can also be used on your eyebrows and spot concealing
Smudger Brush - used in smudging your eyeliner
Spoolie - used to tame the brows
Lip Brush - used in applying lip products for more precise application

The Moonkini 10-Pc. Brush Set is the set that I give out in my Blend It makeup workshops. Before I offered them to my students, of course, I tried the brushes myself first to see if it's worth it and I was really impressed when I first tried this set because the brushes are really soft! Also, the performance is pretty good, too! If you're a beginner, this will be perfect for you. The set is almost complete. The only thing that's missing is an eye blending brush. Actually, if you don't have a blending brush, you can use the large shader brush from the set to blend out your eye makeup. :)

The downside to this makeup brush set is that the bristles may shed when you wash them, especially the eye makeup brushes so be careful in cleaning them. Other than that, it's all good! You actually get what you pay for. For P450.00, it's pretty awesome!

So, yes, I highly recommend this to all makeup beginners out there. And not just to the newbies, I also recommend this to budget-conscious ladies. You might want to give this set a try. Simply visit Pretty Angel Shoppe on Facebook or visit them on Instagram, @prettyangelshoppe to get your own set!

Hope this post helps!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#FirstImpressionMatters - Nail That Job Interview!

First impression never lasts. That's actually true. A person may think of you as someone who is sloppy or snooty when they meet you for the first time but that impression may change if that person later gets to know you better.

However, this first-impression-never-lasts thing doesn't apply in all situations. In some cases, first impressions matter. For instance, if you're going to apply for a job, it's important that you make a great first impression to the boss because let's face it, they won't wait for later to really get to know you and decide whether they are going to hire you or not. You need to impress them right away to make sure you're getting that position.

I am here to share with you some tips on how to nail that interview and get that position! :)

1. DON'T BE TARDY - Tardiness shows you're not professional. How can they trust you with other office works if they can't trust you with the time? So, be sure to get up early and be there earlier than the scheduled time. It's better to be early than to be late!

2. BE CONFIDENT - I think this is what we all should have first than anything else. If you show you're weak and scared, the bosses are going to immediately see that in you and I'm sure they will lose interest in you. So, be confident and show them that you're ready to do the job you're applying for.

3. BE YOURSELF - Some people try way too hard just to get in. There's nothing wrong in doing everything you can to get that job but if you're already showing to them someone who is not really you, then it might affect the whole process. You might show less and you might also show and say more. I remember when I applied as an English teacher. I am usually nervous (who doesn't feel that) during job interviews but that day, I decided to show them who I really am. I tried to manage my stress. I am someone who is bubbly and always laughing and smiling and I think that personality of mine helped me get the job. They needed someone who is friendly since we're going to teach Korean children. :)

4. DON'T LIE - Do not tell them lies just to get that position. Like, adding more achievements in your resume that you didn't really achieve. Remember, the truth will always come out. If you tell them things that are beyond your capability and they expect a lot from you, how are you going to live up to that expectations later?

5. DRESS PROPERLY - Remember, first impression matters in applying for a job. You should dress to impress but be sure to match your outfit to the occasion. Be sure you don't overdress and you won't be under dressed. Pick an outfit that is suited for the job and shows professionalism. It counts, I tell you!

6. LOOK YOUR BEST - This is somewhat related to dressing properly. Employees represent the company that they're in. So, most companies look for people with pleasing personality and can properly and confidently present themselves. However, like overdressing and under dressing, your makeup should be appropriate for your job!

Simple, polished, and fresh makeup look is my best bet for work and job application. It looks simple but presentable and it helps you to look more lively. Here is a makeup look that I created which is perfect to make a great first impression.

It is always important to have the perfect canvass. When it comes to office makeup, light and natural makeup looks are great. You don't want to pile on layers and layers of foundation on your face. You need something light but will make you look fresh and flawless.

In this look, I used the Maybelline 8-in-1 BB Stick. It can help cover up minor flaws on your face and since I have oily-combination skin, this BB stick is perfect since it has a powdery finish and it is really created for people with oily skin.

If you have normal skin or dry skin, don't worry because Maybelline 8-in-1 BB Cream is also available in two other formulas!

Here's a simple makeup tutorial if want to achieve that simple and polished makeup look that I did suited for a job interview.

I hope that this simple tips and makeup tutorial can somehow help you in your job interview to make a perfect first impression! Remember to just be you, be confident, and present yourself properly because #firstimpressionmatters!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Product Review: Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lipstick

You know what, as much as I want to use more often and love Korean cosmetics, I just can't seem to do it because they're pretty expensive (for me). Don't get me wrong, most Korean products that I've tried are actually great but they just don't seem that budget-friendly to me. I always think that what makes their products expensive (other than the quality) is their fancy packaging. Korean cosmetic brands always have the cutest and most beautiful packaging! That's why a lot of girls are going gaga about their products.

It's a good thing we have Rucy's Vanity! Rucy's Vanity is a Korean brand of skin care and cosmetics and according to the owners, they created Rucy's vanity for their love for the Filipinos, especially for the Pinay girls who love makeups. They are also aware how expensive Korean cosmetics can be so they decided to create products that are budget-friendly but have high quality. How did they do that? Well, they didn't make the packaging of their products that fancy. They kept it simple but presentable.

If you're watching or following different Pinay YouTube beauty gurus, then you'll know that, like me, they are also raving about these affordable Korean cosmetics. Heads up, you'll be seeing a lot of Rucy's Vanity product reviews soon. First that I want to share with you are the Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lipsticks because I really love lipsticks, and I know you do, too! Hehe!

Product Name: Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lipstick
Price: P150.00
Available at: Candyloveart Studio

Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lipsticks have two kinds. The other Gleamy Lipstick line comes in a bronze tube, has a wider color selection, and the lipsticks have different textures (creamy, satin, frosted). The Gleamy Lipsticks that I have are the ones in the black plastic casing, lipsticks have the same texture which is creamy, and they are available in only 5 shades.

As you can see, the packaging is really simple. The casing may be made of plastic but it's actually sturdy. At the bottom of the tube, you'll find the shade name.

Like what I've said, the texture is really creamy so they glide on smoothly when you apply it on the lips. As for the pigmentation, it has a good color pay off but some of the shades require about 2 layers to really show its true color. Here are the swatches:

1. Qute Pink (nude pink)

2. Hot Pink (probably my favorite among the 5 shades)

3. Red

4. Orange (what you see is what you get)

5. Dark Red 

If you can notice, the shade Red is actually not that far from the shade Dark Red. The former is actually more pigmented than the latter. Dark Red is like a muted red shade and if you look closely, the texture has more sheen than the 4 other shades.

As for the staying power, it's not bad. It stays on for about 3-4 hours on the lips with minimal fading. Also, some of the shades can stain the lips like the shade Hot Pink.

Here is my video review about the Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lipsticks:

I guess the only things I don't like about this product is the fact that the shades Red and Dark Red are almost similar (there are times when I can't really tell the difference in photos) and that the actual colors of some of the shades don't show on the first application. Other than that, I don't see any problems with it. The price is really affordable and the quality is commendable. So, yes, I recommend this to my fellow Pinay beauties out there who are always in a budget, especially my fellow school girls. :)

If you want to try these lipsticks and other Rucy's Vanity cosmetics but you're too far from Candyloveart Studio, I guess you can order online. Please visit Rucy's Vanity Official on Facebook for your inquiries and orders.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Product Review: Mistine Q Perfect Lip Color Queen of Lipstick

If you love sporting those beautiful gradient lips or just curious and want to try it, then you should check out the Mistine Q Perfect Lip Queen Of Lipstick.

Product Name: Mistine Q Perfect Lip Queen of Lipstick
Price: P300.00
Available at: The Mestiza Hub (online)

Mistine Queen of Lipstick is a dual ended lipstick ideal for creating gradient lips. The other end is the base which is just a neutral shade and the other end is the actual lipstick color. Mistine Queen of Lipstick comes in 8 beautiful shades.

Mistine Queen of Lipstick has a very creamy texture so it glides on smoothly as you swipe it. When worn, it doesn't feel thick on the lips. The shades are highly pigmented so you won't need layers and layers on your lips. One swipe would actually bring out its color. Also, what you see on the tube is the exact color that you will get.

Left to right: Soft Viola, Deep Pink, Prouding Orange

As you can see in the photo above, the colors are so rich. Mind you, I only swiped the lipsticks once. The pale swatch that you can see above the three beautiful colors is the swatch of the lipstick base. You may choose to just use the base if you want a very light and neutral lips or use the actual lip color alone. Or, you may also use both at once and create that beautiful gradient lips! I created three different gradient lips using my Mistine Queen of Lipsticks.

Deep Pink

Prouding Orange

Soft Viola

Considering the texture and the color payoff of these lipsticks, I would say that Mistine Q Perfect Lip Color Queen of Lipstick is one of the best lipsticks that I have in my collection. The only problem I have with it is the packaging. The tube is quite flimsy and loose so sometimes, it's a little hard to apply it because as I swipe the lipstick bullet on my lips, it keeps on pushing back inside the tube. Other than the packaging mishap, I don't see any problems with it as it doesn't dry my lips, has the staying power of a good typical lipstick, and the the overall quality satisfies me.

If you'd like to check out the other beautiful shades and other Mistine products, please visit The Mestiza Hub on Facebook or simply follow them on Instagram, @themestizahub.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)