Saturday, July 5, 2014

Product Review: Jazzy Collections Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Okay, this post is a little late because I have already uploaded my video review of this product a month ago in my YouTube channel. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I just want to share this to you, my readers, and show you photos of swatches and before-and-after.

If you're into matte lip products like me then please continue to read. If you're not a fan of super matte lip colors then I think this will not interest you at all. This lip product is from one of the popular Philippine cosmetic brands, Jazzy Collections (or James Cooper). Jazzy Collections Kiss Proof Lip Gloss is a lip lacquer with a very matte texture and awesome color payoff.

I actually don't get why it's called "lip gloss" since it looks really matte and doesn't even give a teeny tiny bit of sheen on the lips. I agree though that it is kiss proof because once it dried on your lips, it won't transfer at all.

Product Name: Jazzy Collections Kiss Proof Lip Gloss
Price: P299.00
Available at: SM Watsons, Landmark, and other department stores

The shades that I got are LKP-02 Red Orange and LKP-05 Chocolate Brown. I'm just not sure how many shades are available for these lippies but I know they have red, MLBB shades, pink, and even orange. Here are the swatches:

without flash (Top: Red Orange, Bottom: Chocolate Brown)

with flash (Top: Red Orange, Bottom: Chocolate Brown)

Shade: LKP-02 Red Orange

Shade: LKP-05 Chocolate Brown

Like what I've said, it has a really matte texture (can't stress that enough) so it feels dry on the lips but it won't dry out your lips (did you get it?). However, if you already have dry or cracked lips, of course, it can accentuate the dry skin. Here's a closer look of my lips. My lips were super dry the day I took photos.

Even though it is very opaque, you can still see the dry skin on my lips. As for the longevity, yes, it has a great staying power, really long lasting, but once it fades out, it can accentuate more your dry lips because it settles on the cracks and crevices on the lips. Please refer to the photos below.

Those two photos above were taken 5 hours after. As you have seen, it had already faded out on the middle part of the lips but the color is still there so it's still not bad. Here's a side-by-side before-and-after image:

5 hours later

The after shot was taken 5 hours later. I had drank water and eaten already but it still looks pretty good.

Jazzy Collections Kiss Proof Lip Gloss comes with a doe-foot applicator. I don't really have a big problem with the applicator but you should be very careful in applying the lip product. I suggest you use a lip liner first to trace the shape of your lips and then use the actual applicator to fill in your lips. The doe-foot applicator is a little thick so it might be a little difficult to use it in lining your lips and since this lip product dries fast, it can be messy once you created a mistake with the application.

Final words? Heck yeah, I LOVE THE JAZZY COLLECTIONS KISS PROOF LIP GLOSS! Even though it can accentuate dry skin on the lips, I still love it. It has amazing pigmentation and I'm just in-love with matte textures! It just makes your lips standout. Not to mention that the shades that I have are quite head-turners. My favorite is Red Orange because it makes my complexion appear brighter but I still want to try other shades, especially the red one. Everytime we visit the Jazzy Collections counters at malls, their other shades are out of stock. I wonder when are they going to re-stock? Hmm...

If you want to see if it's really kiss proof, you can watch my video review. Here's the embedded link:

If you have already tried these lippies, let me know which is your favorite shade. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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