Saturday, January 17, 2015

Product Review: Mary Kay Concealer

During school days and on regular days, I like wearing only minimal makeup. You know, just to look fresh, flawless, and more presentable. I usually just conceal my imperfections on my face, such as blemishes, set it with powder, apply tinted brow gel to groom my brows, apply mascara to open my peepers, and dab on some lip stain. However, looking for really good concealers can be tricky. It should match your skin tone, should match your skin type, it should have a decent coverage, and it should be long-lasting, especially if you'll be out for hours. In this post, I'll be sharing with you one of the best concealers that I've tried.

Product Name: Mary Kay Concealer
Price: Php 415
Available at: Allaboutbeauty (online shop)


The Mary Kay Concealer comes in a small, black squeezable tube with a small nozzle which is perfect for me because it's so easy to dispense the product and control how much you're going to use.


This concealer has a creamy and thick consistency but it dries up pretty fast so just a tip, be sure to blend it quickly. It also has a matte texture so this may not suit well those people with dry skin. It glides on smoothly though so it's still easy to blend.

Another good thing about this concealer is that a very tiny amount goes a long way. That small amount from the image above is enough to conceal my blemishes and dark circles, seriously. So, this small tube can last you for quite a long time.


Mary Kay Concealer has a medium to full coverage. It can cover even the darkest spot or pimple scar on my face. It is able to hide my dark circles around my eyes and the redness of my skin.  Here's a before-and-after image for reference:

On the after image on the right side, I didn't use any foundation, just the Mary Kay Concealer then set it with a pressed powder. Notice my blemishes were gone and my dark circles were lightened?



 If you want to see how I applied the concealer, here's a review/demo video from my YouTube channel:

Additional notes:

I have oily-combination skin so this concealer suits me very well and the shade that I have which is Beige 2, matches my skin tone perfectly. It also has a commendable longevity. This concealer stays in place for long hours, tried and tested for a lot of time already! Another thing, since it has a matte finish, it can accentuate dry skin or dry patches on your face so be sure that your face is well-moisturized before using this concealer. Other than that, I don't have any problems with the Mary Kay Concealer. I love it so much and I highly recommend this to people with oily and oily-combination skin type. Oh, another downside is that you can only purchase this online or through your friends or other people who are affiliated to Mary Kay Cosmetics. You can order this online from Allaboutbeauty by sending them a message on their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram, @allaboutbeautyholics.

Hope this review helps! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


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