Sunday, September 13, 2015

iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer Review + GIVEAWAY!

"iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer is a unique water-based moisturizer that deeply hydrates your skin with its natural and non-greasy formula. It leaves a cool, oil-free, and refreshing feeling on your skin after application.

iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer is refined by Bio-Nanotechnology which gives ingredients increased potency in order to effectively take care of your skin."

--- This is what iWhite Korea says about their Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer and in all honesty, what they claim about this product is true!

Product Name: iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer
Price: Php179 (50ml), Php18 (sachet)
Available at: Watsons and other leading department stores

This aqua moisturizer of iWhite is not a newly released product of the company. I have used this once already before and this is actually my sister and my friend's favorite moisturizer. iWhite just changed the packaging of their Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer. I like the new look better than the old look because it is now more attractive and fancy-looking but the packaging is still a squeezable tube which is very convenient to use and more hygienic. Also, I believe they used to call this Aqua Moisturizing Cream.

iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer contains active ingredients such as mulberry root extract, panax ginseng root extract, and green tea leaf extract. Like what you've read in the top part of this post, this moisturizer is water-based. So, as you slather it onto your face, you can feel it becoming watery. In fact, if you look in the mirror as you apply it onto your face or if you rub it onto your hands, you will see droplets of water forming as you spread it out. What also interests me about this moisturizer is its color. Moisturizers and other facial cream are usually white. iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer is blue in color which really matches its name "aqua". The scent is mild and refreshing which leads me to the next thing that I really love about this moisturizer --- it is very hydrating! It instantly refreshes my skin everytime I use it and it has a slight cooling sensation as well.

What's great with iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer is that it has a semi-matte finish, almost velvety, it is easily absorbed by the skin yet it is still absolutely moisturizing and hydrating. I consider it as a skin booster.

Now, for the fun part! Since I love this moisturizer so much, I also want you to try it out. I'm going to give away sachets of iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer to two of my readers/followers!

All you have to do is to follow these mechanics:

1. Like iWhite Korea on Facebook. (
2. Like my Facebook page, Makeup by Bing Castro.
3. Follow this blog by clicking the button that says "JOIN THIS SITE" which you can find at the sidebar (refer to the image below).

4. Lastly, comment below your name so that I will know that you joined and I will choose a randomizer app to select the two winners. 

That's it! Just follow those 4 easy steps! Winners will be announced on September 30, 2015 on my Facebook page.

Oh, if you're going to ask me if I will recommend this moisturizer, my answer is absolutely! It's a good-quality moisturizer that is really affordable and you have an easy access to it. It's available in Watsons, other leading department stores, and even in local supermarkets or grocery stores.

Good luck in joining this simple giveaway!!! :)

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the company for review purposes and features. Everything stated here in my review are my pure and honest opinions.


  1. I joined! Genevieve Tupas po from Bacolod City :-)

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  3. LOVELY S. BAGA :) ( fb :ylevol silverio)

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    I love the color, kakaiba sa mga beauty products!

  5. Nicolle Takahara Subido from Project 8 QC :)

  6. Nicolle Takahara Subido from Project 8 QC :)

  7. Thank you po for the review and giveaway, Ms.Bing. :-) I also love iWhite Korea and like their Aqua Moisturizer. Hoping to have more because my stock is almost empty. :-) More power!

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    Mary Louise Sanchez.

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