Friday, September 18, 2015

Yves Rocher New Sérum Végétal! (FREE VOUCHERS)

I recently got an invitation from Yves Rocher to try out their new skin care innovation. I was so excited because I have tried some of their skin care products before from their Sebo Vegetal line and they were great. You can click here for my review on those products.

Yves Rocher's new skin care line is an anti-wrinkles innovation called Sérum Végétal. The main ingredient of this is a powerful plant called the Ice Plant, also known as the life plant. The Ice Plant is able to adapt to extreme conditions and face anything. It is resistant and it survives that's why it's called the life plant. It has natural, anti-wrinkle properties, easily assimilated by the skin. It reactivates the cellular mechanisms that fight wrinkles. Sérum Végétal is suitable for all types of skin and meets the needs of every woman: radiance, firmness, and a lifting effect.

Yves Rocher's Botanical Beauty Experts have created 3 versions of the Sérum Végétal:

1. Wrinkle and Radiance (anti-wrinkle plus radiance)
- Skin that is revived, with a softer and more refined texture -- smoother with a brighter complexion... By combining the powerful anti-wrinkle action of the Ice Plant with an extract from Oryza (rice), which stimulates oxygenation and recreates cellular* respiration, these formulas add radiance to their list of benefits. Fewer wrinkles**, more radiance: how can you resist?

2. Wrinkle and Firmness (anti-wrinkle plus firmness)
- At times, the anti-wrinkle effect needs the support of a powerful firming agent. To boost production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, responsible for skin’s structure, Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research used Acacia Gum. The skin is firmer and plumper from within.

3. Wrinkle and Lifting (anti-wrinkle plus a lifting effect)
- Reshape the face, lift the contours… Create a virtuous botanical synergy to fight against wrinkles, while transforming features. A lifting effect using nothing but plant-based materials. This is how the Sandthorn extract, that relaunches the synthesis of elastin, synonym for elasticity, was fused with the Ice Plant. The skin’s natural lifting mesh is reactivated. And as wrinkles are erased**, the facial contour is refined day after day.

I was given the chance to try a few of the products from their Sérum Végétal Wrinkle and Firmness line. It includes the Ultra Plumping Serum ( 30ml Php 1,995.00), Firming Day Cream (50ml Php 1,495.00), and Firming Night Cream (50ml Php 1,895)I've been using these products for more than a week now and I am loving it. The products really have a plumping effect giving you a firmer skin. Of course, I want to give it more time before I make a full review on each products. As of now, all I can say is that they are great and very promising.

If you're curious about these products and you want to try it, I have good news for you! Yves Rocher is giving a discount to their Sérum Végétal line! Just print this voucher and show it to any of Yves Rocher's in-store beauty consultant. :)

Hurry because this discount is valid until the end of September 2015 only! Share your thoughts on the Sérum Végétal products if you were able to try them out. I will post my review on these skin care products very soon! :)

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