Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Hair Makeover!!!

I've had black hair for half a year last year because our school is strict and conservative when it comes to how the students dress and present themselves. It's been years since I last dyed my hair black. Although my original hair color is black, I always dye my hair with either, brown, blonde, ash, and I even dyed my hair red on the Summer of 2014. Since we won't be allowed to have our new I.D. picture taken without dying our hair dark, I decided to dye my hair with dark brown but it appeared jet black after! I was planning to change my hair color back to dark ash after having my I.D. picture taken but after seeing the black hair on me, I thought I looked younger so I decided to keep it and also, to let my hair rest and breathe from all those harsh chemicals.

But after a while, I've gotten too familiar and bored with my black hair so I decided to change my hair color come 2016. Fortunately, my friend and fellow YouTube beauty vlogger, Ms. Jaja Enriquez offered her salon, Cut & Fix International Salon Pag-Asa so I can have a hair makeover! How awesome! I brought my boyfriend with me who's been sporting long hair for years already because he had also decided to cut his hair short.

The plan for my hair is Balayage with ash tones. Here's me saying goodbye to my black hair and taking last photos with it. :D

There's my labidabs, waiting for me and for his turn! :)

First step is applying the highlights. :)

While waiting for my hair to be rinsed, Gian went ahead and got his hair cut!


Now, it's my turn again! :) Time to rinse off that hair dye and get ready for the second step!

I'm a tiger, rarrr!

Second step was the base application.

After the base application, all that's left to do was to wait and rinse my hair again. We didn't really achieve that ash tone that we wanted because my hair needs to be bleached from roots to ends. Since my hair was black, I wasn't able to get my actual color. They didn't want (and neither did I) to bleach my hair because it will be damaged to the nth level if we do that. So, if I want that ash-toned hair, I have to wait for months and let my hair rest first from all that chemicals before they can bleach it again. The result is still awesome, though! :)

Cut & Fix International Salon Pag-asa applied a hair treatment to my hair after rinsing the hair dye for it to be nourished and be treated from all the hair chemicals. I'm still happy with the result! :) Here's my before and after image:

Here's my boyfriend's new look:

Our before and after:

Thank you so much to Cut & Fix International Salon Pag-asa especially to Ms. Jaja Enriquez! We're so happy with our new hairstyles! :)

Visit them at #104 Road 8 Cor. Mindanao Ave., Brgy. Pagasa, Quezon City

Follow them on their social media sites for updates and promos:
Instagram account: @cutfixsalonpagasa

You can watch our vlog about our hair makeover here!!!

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