Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The UltiMatte Face Off Challenge: Maybelline White SuperFresh Review

Maybelline has always been one of my favorites when it comes to affordable but good-quality powders. I've been using their powders ever since I started exploring the makeup world. I personally love their Clear Smooth All-in-One pressed powder and their BB Silk Poreless White powder (you can click here if you want to read my review about the BB Silk Powder). But now, I have a new favorite! As a person who lives in a tropical country, I commend Maybelline for developing the White SuperFresh Powder Foundation!

Product Name: Maybelline White SuperFresh
Price: Php299
Available at: Watsons and Department Stores nationwide

Maybelline claims this powder foundation as the best in sweat and oil absorption. It can provide you with 12 hours of shine-free and flawless skin. With breakthrough Clean Touch Technology, sweat and oil is instantly dispersed from skin, leaving you with a fresh face for as long as 12 hours.

To test the effectiveness of the Maybelline White SuperFresh, they came up with the #UltiMatteFaceOff Challenge. Here's the kit:

The #UltiMatteFaceOff Challenge Kit contains the Maybelline White SuperFresh and three pressed powders from different brands. To perform the challenge, all you have to do is spray all of the powders in the kit with water and witness how the Maybelline White SuperFresh is the best in oil and sweat absorption!

Here's a photo of the kit prior to spraying the powders with water:

Now, here are the powders after I sprayed water twice on each of them:

If you do this challenge, you will personally see how easily and immediately the Maybelline White SuperFresh absorbed the water while for the brands X, Y, and Z, the water just stayed on the surface and edges of the powder. Here are zoomed photos of each powders:

Brand X

Brand Y

Brand Z

Maybelline White SuperFresh

As you can see in the image, there are no water droplets on the powder. The water was completely absorbed!

To further test the effectiveness of Maybelline White SuperFresh, I used a tissue to blot each powder in the #UltiMatteFaceOff kit and I was completely blown away! Here are photos for evidences:

Still not convinced? Here's a very short video clip of my #UltiMatteFaceOff Challenge experience which I posted in my Instagram account:

Indeed, Maybelline White SuperFresh Powder Foundation is the best in oil and sweat absorption! It only took like a second for this powder to absorb the water. It's absolutely amazing!

What I personally love about Maybelline White SuperFresh?

As someone who has oily/combination skin and as a working student who stays outside for long hours, this powder foundation is a must-have for me! It really does keep my skin fresh for long hours even without retouching. Well, to be honest, I haven't tried having it on my face for 12 hours but I have tried wearing it for 6-7 hours without retouching when I had a makeup gig that one time and I was amazed to see my face still looking fresh when I checked myself in the mirror after taking the jeepney, the train, the tricycle, and after doing the hair and makeup of my client and then taking the same public transportation again! I did not even bother to retouch anymore. Here's a photo to support my testimonial:

After 6-7 hours of wearing the Maybelline White SuperFresh

Aside from its awesome staying power, I also like its texture and coverage. The powder is silky and it has a light to medium coverage. For everyday looks, I just usually conceal my dark eye circles and other skin imperfections then use the Maybelline White SuperFresh for additional coverage and for a fresh-looking face. I sometimes use it to set my foundation, too. And since this powder has SPF34 PA+++, it's perfect to use during daytime as protection from the harmful UV rays.

I'm trying to think of any cons regarding this product but I honestly can't think of any. I love this powder (period)

Maybelline White SuperFresh is available in 4 shades (please refer to the Maybelline poster below).

You can visit Maybelline Philippines on Facebook for more information and updates.


  1. Looks great Bing Castro!! I’ve been wanting a Maybelline White SuperFresh for the longest time. I hope it will make me lood good for 8/3 day.

  2. It is lucky when finding out this post. The Christmas is coming and I'm looking for a gift for my girl friend. But she has a brown skin. So would you please give some advice for the most suitable product' color?