Sunday, March 20, 2016

Opening of V&M Naturals HQ!

You can never go wrong with using all natural products, that's what I love about them. They are Earth-friendly, very gentle and avoid irritation since they don't contain harsh chemicals, and they don't have any strange side effects. I've been seeing and hearing a lot about V&M Naturals from my good friend and fellow beauty blogger/vlogger, Shebby. Her testimonials about their products are all positive and the products look absolutely promising. However, I didn't really get the chance before to try them even though I wanted to because first, I still have tons of skin care products in my room waiting to be tested and reviewed, and second, I was saving my extra money for other stuff, especially for school. Dang it! College life, especially the senior year, is so expensive! And since I still have a lot of different skin care products that I can use, I didn't find the urge to buy new ones.

Anyway, continuing on with my story, I finally got the chance to test out their products when Shebby and Ms. Jamie, the owner of V&M Naturals, invited me to attend the opening of their HQ in Fairview.

Photo grabbed from the Facebook page of Venus and Mars Botanicals (V&M Naturals)
V&M stands for Venus and Mars. V&M Naturals is the first true emu oil skin care line in the Philippines. All of their products are made from scratch using only the finest oils and herbs and they follow only 100% pure and premium oil recipes. You can read more about V&M Naturals in their website,

Their newly opened HQ is quite small but enough space to display their products. When you enter the shop, you'll instantly feel calmed and relaxed because of the scent of their all-natural products! It's so awesome because even though the smell of the store is a mixture of all their products displayed in there, it still smells so good! You'll really feel that organic vibe inside.

Here are some of their products displayed inside the HQ.

I so love the industrial chic design!!!

V&M Naturals Emu Oils

This is probably my favorite area of the shop because my favorite products are displayed here. Special mention to that amazing Smother Me Body Sorbet!!! Review very soon!

Here, we have their scented candles, shampoos, and testers of their body fragrances.

One of their newest products are their scented candles.

Of course, their famous all natural soaps!

I've been using their Salt of Himalayas and I'm loving it!

Finally, their line of mineral makeup! Their loose mineral foundation is a must-try!

Lucky me, they even let me take home a few of their products to try! Yay!

Thank you so much, V&M Naturals and Shebby for inviting me! I really had a great time there and I'm enjoying the products. Reviews will be posted soon. :)

Visit the V&M Naturals HQ at Regalado Hiway North Fairview near AMA University (corner Bristol St.). They are open from Monday to Sunday at 10am to 7pm,

For more information and updates, you may like them on Facebook, Venus and Mars Botanicals.

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