Sunday, May 22, 2016

EYELINER 101: How I Line My Eyes (with video)

If there is one reason why some ladies are always late, well, that is because of their eyeliners! :) One of the hardest part to perfect in makeup is lining the eyes because they have to be neat and even. We all have different tips and tricks when it comes to that. The shape of your eyes should also be considered (hooded, protruding, mono lids, etc.). Straightening the line and creating that wings are so frustrating at times but trust me, and this saying never gets old, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! ;)

There are different types of eyeliner. There's the classic one which is the pencil eyeliner. It can be a wood pencil or a retractable one. Probably, the easiest one to use. Pencil eyeliners are usually used to line not just the upper rims of the eyes but also the lower rims or water line.

Then we also have the gel or cream eyeliners which requires a thin eyeliner or an angled eyeliner brush.

We also have the liquid eyeliners which are usually stored in a small bottle and comes with an applicator.

Then finally, we have my favorite kind of eyeliner which is the eyeliner pen. It's also a liquid eyeliner but just in a pen form. It's like a small marker and it also comes in different types of applicator. There are eyeliners with felt tip and thin brush tips. 

The easiest eyeliners to use (for me) are the pencil eyeliners and pen-type eyeliners. They are convenient to use, like you're just drawing on a paper, and easier to control. But since I have hooded and very oily lids, I prefer the pen-type eyeliners because they are liquid and most of them are waterproof. Pencil eyeliner, since they are mostly creamy and kohl, usually transfers on my lids and smudges under my eyes. That's why I prefer the waterproof eyeliner pens.

Here is a video showing how I line my eyes. I featured here how I create simple lines and winged lines. I hope you'll learn something from it.

How do you line your eyes? Hmm... I hope you can also share them in the comments section below. Have a great day ahead! :)

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