Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Banila Co. Robinson's Manila Store Launch

Banila Co., the number 1 Korean base makeup brand, launched their flagship store in Robinson's Place Manila last May 7, 2016. Despite being launched in the Philippines just last November 2015, Banila Co. managed to open three branches already within its first six months and their newly opened branch in Robinson's Place Manila is their very first boutique.

The theme of the event is Seoul Beauty, which introduces the concept of Korean beauty with that famous Korean "lit from within" glow or what the Koreans call the Sok Gwang Trend. Beauty influencers were invited to an afternoon filled with fun activities and makeup demo hosted by pro makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru, Shebby Liquete.

The store offers a different feel to the customers because of its well-designed interior composed of two vanity tables with floor-length mirrors and lights ideally suited for make-up.

Inside the store are several shelves to better showcase Banila Co.'s popular base makeup, color makeup, and skin care products. Separate shelves are provided to display their sheet masks and beauty tools as well.

I came in late so when I arrived, Shebby was already halfway through her makeup demo. She showed how one can transform one's typical makeup to Korean-style makeup which focuses having a youthful, radiant glow. So, when they started, the model already had her full-face Western-inspired look on and then Shebby transformed half of her face to this youthful and fresh Korean-style makeup.

Here's a toy catcher arcade machine placed at the entrance of the store which made the guests all hyped and excited as we tried our luck to catch the paper bags inside that contains products from Banila Co.! I vlogged about it so be sure to watch the video at the end of this post. ;)

More photos with my fellow beauty YouTube beauty vloggers and beauty bloggers!!! :)

I surely enjoyed the Seoul Beauty Event and we even got to take home some goodies!

Thank you, Banila Co. and congratulations!

You can watch my vlog about the Seoul Beauty Event here:

So, if ever you're in Robinson's Place Manila or you're just near the area, be sure to drop by at Banila Co.'s boutique located on the 1st level at the Pedro Gil wing (just in front of Wendy's).

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