Friday, August 12, 2016

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Complete Collection + Launch

Last week, Tony Moly turned us beauty bloggers and vloggers into Pandas! That's to celebrate with them the launching of their cutest collection, Panda's Dream, consisting of both makeup and skin care!

The event took place at One Shangri-la Place where food is everywhere, including the yummy pastries from Boulangerie22! Also, the guests were required to wear this super duper cute panda onesie! So, it's a panda party but more of a kikay panda party!

Photo from Isha Borromeo of Purpleheiress

Photo from Isha Borromeo of Purpleheiress

Of course, aside from the long table of food, there was a vanity area where all the items from the Tony Moly Panda's Dream Collection were displayed and they even provided a flat lay station complete with props where the guests can be creative and have fun in creating their own flat lays.

There was even a very cozy, panda-themed bed at the venue to complete the pajama-themed party of the day. Too bad, I wasn't able to take a photo of me on the bed but the event photographer snapped a photo of me at the vanity area while I was checking out the products and creating my own flat lay. Tee-hee!

Just look at those adorable Panda makeup and skin care! They're too cute, don't you just want to collect all of it? :)

Panda's Dream Magic White Cream, Hand Cream, and Sleeping Pack

Panda's Dream Cooling Eye Stick

Panda's Dream Eye Patch

Panda's Dream Clear Pact (Php678)
(Clear Beige and Clear Vanilla)

Panda's Dream Dual Lip and Cheek (Php598
(01 Bubble Red, 02 Pink Berry)

Panda's Dream Contour Stick (Php578 each)
(01 Highlighter, 02 Concealer, 03 Shading)

Panda's Dream Smudge Out Mascara (Php648)

Panda's Dream Lip Crayon (Php548)
(01 Hey Orange, 02 Heart Pink, 03 Pink Lady, 04 Red Berry, 05 True Red)

So, which item from the Tony Moly Panda's Dream Collection are you dying to try the most? :)

If you want to take a glimpse of the event, here's my vlog about it:

Thank you so much, Tony Moly Philippines for having me at the Panda's Dream launch and for letting us take home the panda onesies! :D

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