Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cathy Doll AA Series Launch in the Philippines

BB Cream, CC Cream, DD Cream, and now AA? I haven't even tried any DD cream and now we finally have the AA series brought to you by the Korean-inspired brand, Cathy Doll.

Last month, Cathy Doll finally launched their AA series here in the Philippines. It was an intimate gathering held at Italianni's, Shangri-La Plaza. Selected beauty bloggers and vloggers were invited to have the first look and first dibs on Cathy Doll's newest products.

Image by Cathy Doll Philippines

The Cathy Doll AA Series is Anti-Acne and instant brightening. But don't you get comfortable yet with what AA really stands for because apparently, it means more than just Anti-Acne. ;)

Image by Cathy Doll Philippines

Image by Cathy Doll Philippines
The event was, of course, hosted by our favorite and top beauty blogger, Ms. Nikki Tiu (Hi, Madam!) of Askmewhats. Always a fun time whenever she leads an event because of the energy that she brings in the room.

So, what is really the Cathy Doll AA Series? According to Cathy Doll:

Introducing the Cathy Doll AA Series (AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control with SPF 50 PA+++ and AA Automatic Aura Cream with SPF 45 PA+++), the first of its kind, a lightweight, shine-free and innovative product that provides high coverage, matte-finish and huge benefits in one!

Based on what I've read from the Karmart International Magalogue Vol. 06 (August 2016 issue), the AA series is AA Pristine Brightening Level and has 3 AA special benefits --- Automatic Aura, Anti-Acne, and Anti-Aging.

Two awesome products belong to the Cathy Doll AA Series. First is the intriguing and very promising AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control SPF50 PA+++. It's a cushion and also a powder. At first I thought, how is that even possible? It's so cool.

The Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion is available in 3 shades.

The second product from this series is the AA Automatic Aura Cream SPF45 PA+++. They claim that this product provides high coverage quality, reduces blemishes, controls excess oil, brightens the skin, and lasts all day long.

Now, this one has 2 shades available.

I will talk more about these products when I post reviews on them soon. I've tried both of them only once so I need to use them a few times more to have a concrete and precise review for you guys. ;)

Image by Cathy Doll Philippines
Oh, yeah! We won special gifts, by the way, for being the first ones to post on Instagram using the correct official hashtags for the event. :) Thank you, Cathy Doll Philippines!

Image by Cathy Doll Philippines
It was another fun and chill event with Cathy Doll Philippines and with some of my fellow beauty bloggers/vloggers. Looking forward to more events with them!

Ooh, and just in case you're not aware, the very handsome Mario Maurer is the endorser of the Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion. Watch this video ad and fall in love! Tee hee!

If ever you want to try these new products from Cathy Doll and their other items, please refer to this image for their store locations.

Stay awesome!

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